How Xylem Watermark and its stakeholders are solving water in 2019

How Xylem Watermark and its stakeholders are solving water in 2019

World Water Day is a great opportunity to focus on how we can better solve the world’s water challenges. Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate citizenship program, has several exciting initiatives planned for 2019 to protect water resources and bring clean water to more people. Learn how we are increasing employee volunteer participation and hours and inviting stakeholders to participate.

Inviting customers, supply partners and investors to join us

Watermark already partners with and invests in leading non-profits that provide communities with sustainable solutions for clean water and hygiene education. After 10 years of service, Watermark is now being extended to include customers, supply partners and investors. Watermark’s goal for the year is to engage 2,500 external stakeholders in Xylem Watermark activities. Join us to help make a difference!

More employee volunteer hours for community projects

Over the last three years, Xylem employees have volunteered more than 111,000 hours in community projects. This record-breaking number helped improve and protect water resources around the world. For 2019, Xylem’s goal is to increase volunteer hours to 62,000 for the year with at least 50 percent employee participation. Xylem employees can take up to eight hours off work every year to participate in Xylem Watermark activities, giving back to society.

Xylem Watermark’s 30-Day Challenge starts now

World Water Day is the start of Watermark’s Make Your Mark 30-Day Challenge, continuing until Earth Day. During this time, employees and stakeholders make a special effort to volunteer for water-related activities and community projects around the globe. Share on social media how you are making your mark in your community with the hashtag #MakeYourWatermark.

Bringing clean water to 5,000 children with Manchester City

Every year, the Premier League champion football team Manchester City – a Xylem partner – runs a campaign called Cityzens Giving. Fans vote on how funding should be divided between community projects. The project Xylem Watermark is supporting, Safe Water in Bangalore, India, earned the top ranking with more than 450,000 votes.

This means that City Football Group, parent of Manchester City, will give £92,000 in grant funding to improve access to safe, clean water for over 5,000 children in the area. Xylem Watermark is providing further support for the project through employee volunteers and water filtration equipment. Manchester City fans and Xylem volunteers went to Bangalore to help build a water tower. Hear what they have to say about their experience.