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Caratteristiche del prodotto
  • Adjustable speed to deliver only the output required – allows for significant energy savings
  • Advanced functionality and increased system reliability with DirigoTM drive unit consisting of a synchronous permanent magnet motor and an integrated motor control system
  • Super premium efficiency IE4 equivalent motor with rated power options of 1.1, 1.5, 2.2 and 3.0 kW
  • User-friendly operator panel and integrated monitoring functions including overload protection
  • Integrated monitoring functions
  • Energy-saving, non-clogging propellers with diameter 370 mm or 580 mm
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to advanced motors, ActiveSealTM technology and durable hydraulics
  • Fits easily on most existing guide bar dimensions

Adapt output to process demands

The only constant in wastewater treatment is change. Whether because of daily variation or long term population growth, the process demands of wastewater treatment shift constantly. By controlling the output of their mixers, plants can realize significant energy savings and be prepared to adapt their mixing to variations and future changes. With an integrated drive and remote operation, Flygt 4220 put you in complete control, while the next-generation design ensures a lifetime of reliable, efficient operation.

Adjustability at your fingertips

Flygt 4220 lets you handle both the expected and the unknown. The tank-side operator panel or plant-integrated communication functions put you in control of your mixer’s output to meet changing needs and maintain desired results, whether it is due to daily variations or infrequent events like seasonal fluctuations or process changes. With a Flygt 4220 adaptive mixer, you know exactly what is going on without having to touch the mixer or even leave the control room.



Flygt 4220
Installation method
50×50 mm (2×2 in.) guide bar 50×100 mm (2×4 in.) guide bar 60×60 mm (2.4×2.4 in.) guide bar 80×80 mm (3×3 in.) guide bar 100×100 mm (4×4 in.) guide bar
Mixer rated motor power
1.1-3.0 kW (1.5-4.0 hp)
Propeller speed range
0-800 rpm
up to 590 N/kW
Propeller diameter
370 mm (14.5 in.) or 580 mm (22.8 in.)
Thrust range
0-940 N
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