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Smart Pump Series with premium efficiency

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  • Voltage: 208 to 240V
  • Power: up to 1.5 kW
  • Multipump capability: up to 3 units
  • Power supply: single phase 50/60 Hz
  • Communication: BACnet and Modbus standard in single pumps
  • IES2 package with IE5 motors
  • Enclosure rate: IP55
  • EMC: C1-category compliant with EN 61800-3 for residential environment
  • Harmonics: compliant with IEC/EN 61000-3-2

A complete system delivering market-leading efficiency

The Lowara Smart Pump range incorporates state-of-the-art technology to optimize performance, communicate with other building systems and help you achieve your goals. Choose pre-programmed packages for easy, cost-effective installation — and benefit from this system’s power, intelligence and performance.

Power: Best-in-class IE5 motor

Technical Specification IEC/TS 60034-30-2 introduces “ultra-premium” IE5 efficiency performance. It’s the top efficiency level for motors designed to not operate directly on-line. Each Lowara Smart Pump is equipped with a permanent magnet motor that meets this IE5 standard, providing efficiency well above a standard IE3 asynchronous motor.

Intelligence: Embedded motor drive

The smart, easy-to-set integrated drive can operate single, twin or multipump systems of up to three pumps, with no need for an external control panel or PLC. The drive matches performance to demand, reducing energy use. And it allows smart pumps to communicate with other building systems in real time, maximizing efficiency.

Performance: Robust pump range

A full line of single-phase pumps provides enhanced hydraulic performance for residential, light industrial and OEM applications. The Smart Pump range can easily handle extreme environments, from -20°C to 50°C, without derating performance.

Discover the great trio of efficiency

Lowara Smart Pumps combine three essential elements to ensure outstanding reliability, optimal savings and the shortest payback times. It’s not about individual components. It’s about a great team of three perfectly concerted elements:

  • Ultra-premium IE5 motors for best-in-class efficiency, according to IEC/TS 60034-30-2
  • Power drive system (drive and motor) in the highest efficiency class, IES2, according to EN 50598-2
  • Hydraulic pump designed for exceptional Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) ratings, according to EU Regulation No. 547/2012

Controls, safety features and monitoring tools

Available control modes include:

  • Control for constant pressure
  • Control to match a system curve
  • Control according to an external signal

In addition to these regulation functions, the Smart Pump range also:

  • Stops the pump at zero demand
  • Stops the pump in case of water failure
  • Allows protection against dry running
  • Has failure and over-temperature sensors for both the inverter and motor, which protects the pump and motor from under- or over-voltage

The Smart Pump range offers a complete set of supervision and metering tools such as automatic test starts, auto smart cyclic change of lead and lag pump units, a memory for any inverter fault signals, and an operating-hours run counter. There’s no need to configure the product; all the listed features are already included in the standard package.

The Lowara Smart Pump range

Lowara e-HM Smartpumpe-HME

Delivery: up to 29 m³/h

Head: up to 55 m

Lowara e-SV smart pumpe-SVE

Delivery: up to 30 m³/h

Head: up to 180 m

Lowara e-LNE Smartpump


Delivery: up to 38 m³/h

Head: up to 35 m


Delivery: up to 90 m³/h

Head: up to 150 m

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