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Product Features
  • Alarm management
  • Station and site overview
  • 24/7 system monitoring and support
  • API interface


Intelligence for your water infrastructure assets

Avensor is a digital service that provides alerts and datadriven insights from a device connected to your pump stations or other water infrastructure assets. Avensor offers true simplicity in connecting a pump station and also allows for easy data access via a web or mobile app.

To improve management of your assets, Avensor provides connectivity and remote data access to your assets. This will allow you to gather alarms, operating data and additional insights to reduce the risk of downtime and better use yourresources.

Plug-and-play solution

Avensor supports a large number of devices directly out of the box but can also be configured to support other devices. All you need is a modem connected to the assets you need to monitor and a user account to register and monitor your assets.

Log in and start monitoring your assets and stations remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Alarms are sent to the right people through app notifications, text messages and emails.

Your standard subscription includes access to the application, mobile data and alarm text messages. You can add additional digital, remote and onsite services from Xylem when needed.

A data-driven solution backed by a global leader

With Avensor, you get a state-of-the art monitoring solution from a global leader in water technology. Xylem has in-depth experience and expertise in providing SCADA and monitoring systems for our customers and is leading the industry with smart water technology and decision intelligence solutions.

Cyber security

Ensuring the security of connected products and data is essential for our customers. Xylem recognizes this and works actively to ensure data security for our products and services. Xylem uses private cellular networks that keep
communications separate from public internet usage and only works with world-class partners.

Xylem also follows an internal privacy policy that is built around the elements of GDPR. This policy specifies what personal data we collect, how that data is used, how it is shared with third parties, and how personal data is transmitted across borders.


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools