WQ-COND Conductivity Sensors

Overview ;


Product Features

Conductivity sensors and conductivity recorder to measure water conductivity.

  • 0.5% conductivity reading accuracy
  • Dual 4-20 mA outputs, temperature and conductivity
  • Measurement span from 0 to 2 siemens/cm
  • Sensor armor available for harsh environments
  • Measure conductivity up to 82 feet depth
  • Fully encapsulated electronics

The Global Water WQ-COND Conductivity Sensors are suitable for measuring conductivity in a wide variety of applications including laboratories, streams, rivers, and groundwater.  The conductivity sensor's small size and rugged housing make it useful for hand held measurements or permanent installation. 

The conductivity sensors use a 4-electrode measuring technique that provides accurate readings over a wide range of conductivities and temperatures.  Because the conductivity of ionic solutions increases with increasing temperature, a temperature sensor is also incorporated and is used to provide automatic temperature compensation of 2%/°C normalized to 25°C.  An in-line interface module converts the digital conductivity sensor and temperature data into two separate 4-20mA signals for monitoring with data loggers and PLC devices. 

The standard conductivity sensors come with three feet (one meter) of cable between the conductivity sensor and interface module, and 25 feet of marine grade cable for connecting to recording devices.  Additional cable can extend the length of the conductivity sensor up to 500 feet.  Available conductivity ranges are 0-200µS/cm, 200-2000µS/cm, 2-20mS/cm, 20-200mS/cm and 200-2000mS/cm.  The conductivity sensor's temperature output has a measurement range of -5°C to +70°C. 

Global Water's GL500-7-2 Conductivity Sensor Recorder adds recording capabilities to the conductivity sensor.  The GL500-7-2 Conductivity Sensor Recorder connects to the conductivity sensor's 4-20mA outputs to record data.  In addition, Global Water offers the PC320 Conductivity Controller to use the conductivity sensor's output to control pumps or alarms.