PHOTOFLEX Portable Photometers

Overview ;


Product Features
  • Bright, easy to read backlit display
  • Large selection of test sets
  • Stores 100 user-defined routine measurements
  • User-friendly on screen guidance for easy operation

The pHotoFlex portable photometers offer decisive advantages for water, wastewater and environmental monitoring.  The portable photometers have a bright, easy to read backlit display with auto-off that displays user-friendly on screen guidance for easy operation.  The pHotoFlex offers a large selection of test sets to meet most requirements.  The portable photometers can have their software and methods updated via the Internet.  Integrated pH measurement with automatic temperature compensation makes the pHotoFlex portable photometer much more versatile than standard photometers.  The portable photometers can store 100 user-defined routine measurements.  The pHotoFlex portable photometers use 4 AA batteries to make approximately 3000 measurements. 

The pHotoFlex portable photometers are capable of performing a variety tasks in water, wastewater, and environmental monitoring.  The portable photometers feature a highly robust optical system, which is optimally suited for mobile applications under changing conditions.  The portable photometer's LEDs plus filters for 6 wavelengths have remarkably low power consumption and deliver accurate measuring results.  The intuitive menu guidance of the pHotoFlex allows for smooth operation, even without studying the manual.  Dilution functions and timer, ease work in special cases. 

The pHotoFlex smart adapter solution
The pHotoFlex portable photometers feature an ingenious integrated cuvette adapter.  Just slide the magnetic lid up on the portable photometers and insert the included 28mm cuvette, or simply flip up the adapter to use any 16mm round cuvette with a height of 91 to 104 mm.  This allows the portable photometers the flexibility of several different test sets. 

pH function
The pHotoFlex portable photometers include an integrated pH function with automatic buffer recognition (TEC/NIST) and auto temperature compensation.  WTW's MultiCal® provides automatic calibration with up to 3 calibration points.  The low-maintenance SenTix® 41 pH electrode is perfect for field use with the pHotoFlex portable photometer. 

pHotoFlex Turb
The pHotoFlex Turb have all the great features of the standard pHotoFlex portable photometer, but also includes an integrated turbidity sensor.  The portable photometer with turbidity sensor uses an infrared (IR) light source for (90) nephelometric turbidity measurement according to the requirements of DIN 27027/ISO 7027.  The pHotoFlex Turb portable photometers can be easily calibrated using the supplied AMCO® turbidity standards. 

pHotoFlex STD
The pHotoFlex STD portable photometers are an excellent choice for users who do not need to measure pH or turbidity.  The STD portable photometers can store 10 user-defined routine measurements.  Up to 100 data points can be stored by the STD portable photometers. 

pHotoFlex Sets
Like having your own field lab in a case, the pHotoFlex portable photometer sets include an integrated tray with places for the instrument, cuvettes, measuring beaker and even a stand for the pH electrode.  Complete portable photometer sets with:

  • pH electrode SenTix® 41 for all pHotoFlex portable photometer models
  • 1 variable pipette with 5 ml volume for all pHotoFlex portable photometer models
  • Calibration standards for pHotoFlex Turb photometers
  • Many useful accessories: empty cuvettes, buffer solutions with pH 4.01 and 7.00, PC cable AK Labor 540 B, stand for the pH electrode, cleaning tissues, screwdriver for battery change
  • Space for other accessories

Mobile measuring
The pHotoFlex portable photometers and pHotoFlex Turb photometers were designed for fast and accurate measurements in the field.  Each portable photometer is robust, mobile, precise and has low power consumption.  A special optical system working with a combination of LED and filters allows the portable photometers to have all of these features required for a field instrument.  The robustness of the pHotoFlex portable photometer instruments is due to the low warming and to the longer lifespan of the LEDs utilized.  With two cuvette sizes, these portable photometers allow for all common tests and offer a wide measuring range. 

pHotoFlex Portable Photometer Application
Environmental monitoring, water treatment, beverage industry, wine industry, process control, multi-parameter applications for photometry, pH, and turbidity.