PH100A Handheld pH Meters

Overview ;


Product Features

Simple pH meter for field measurements.

  • Graphic display with on-screen instructions
  • 50-set memory (pH, temp, date and time stamp)
  • Automatic calibration and buffer recognition
  • IP67 waterproof housing
  • User-replaceable single- or double-junction electrodes

The model pH100A handheld pH meters are part of the EcoSense family of products.  These handheld pH meters are precision tools that measure pH, mV, and temperature.  Whether the need is a single monitoring instrument for temperature and pH or mV for wastewater, surface water, or aquaculture, the pH100A handheld pH meter is up to the task.  The low overall cost of ownership includes an economical list price, competitively priced handheld pH meter probes compared to other manufacturers, and rugged, reliability limiting down time.  Designed specifically for spot sampling applications, the pH100A handheld pH meters will fill the need for simple, one-handed operation instrumentation.  The handheld pH meter is available with pH, mV, ORP, and ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) probes.  The pH100A handheld pH meters also allow you to connect a flat-tipped, piercing-tipped, and lab grade pH probe for additional applications. 

A built-in microprocessor stores, calculates and compensates for all parameters for the handleheld pH meters related to pH determinations including pH electrode temperature characteristics, electrode slope deviations, and buffer solutions.  The handheld pH meters are waterproof (IP67) when the connector cap is installed.  The mechanical touch keys of the handheld pH meters are highly reliable with tactile and audio feedback.  The handheld pH meters use one 9V battery which provides up to 1000 hours of battery life.  The handheld pH meters offer a low battery indicator and an automatic shutoff feature to help you maintain your instrument.  Re-calibration is not required when power is restored to the handheld pH meter.   The front of the handheld pH meter has a large LCD that displays pH or mV and temperature simultaneously along with user prompts and mode indicators.  The handheld pH meters prompt the user through calibration and measurement procedures.  An AUTOLOCK feature for both pH and mV measurements enables the handheld pH meter to automatically sense the end point and "lock" the display to indicate the end point value of a measurement.  The pH100A handheld pH meters can also be used in non-AUTOLOCK mode.  AUTOLOCK and user prompts help eliminate most errors in determining pH and mV values, resulting in precise, repeatable, error-free measurements from your handheld pH meter.  Other handheld pH meter features include electrode offset recognition, electrode slope recognition, electrode efficiency display, built-in buffer coefficients, automatic or manual temperature compensation, 50 data set memory and 50/60 Hz AC noise rejection.  This handheld pH meter is universal and user-friendly for field, industrial, and laboratory applications.  This line of handheld pH meters comes with a one year instrument and six month electrode and cable warranty.