Build your Own A Series Panels

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Product Features
  • Provides fully automatic operation for two pumps.
  • Solid state pump alternator circuit with float status lights for ease of installation or trouble shooting.
  • Alternator selector switch allows a choice of automatic alternation or operation of only pump 1 or pump 2. Typically used if one pump is down for maintenance.
  • Lag pump start delay built-in.
  • High level alarm circuit includes through door mounted silence switch for manual silence of alarm horn.
  • Two through door mounted pump run lights.
  • Top mounted high intensity flashing red light provides 360° visibility.
  • Pulsating, corrosion proof alarm horn.
  • Auxiliary alarm contacts provided for remote alarm connection.
  • Entire unit is UL and CUL listed.

Superior quality duplex liquid level controller, automatic alternation for two pump operation. High level alarm warning designed for a variety of sump, effluent, sewage and water transfer applications. Not for use in damp, outdoor or weatherproof applications.

Indoor (without capacitors) up to 20 amp
Build your Own A series Panels

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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