MIPEG MIPEG Rope Speed and Slew Angle Sensors

Overview ;


Product Features


The MIPEG Rope Speed and Slew rotation sensors are digital encoders engineered into the winches or slew system and will pick up the rotation of a shaft.

The sensor will pick up the rotation of a shaft. This shaft may be a direct coupling or a geared/linked shaft to a load hoist winch or a boom hoist winch to monitor Rope Speed and Direction. As a Slew Angle Sensor, the unit is directly coupled or geared/linked to a shaft which gives a slew ratio to monitor crane rotation about its axis.

The sensors can be provided as a traditional rotational encoder, absolute encoders or even as proximity sensors reading target discs.

All sensors may be supplied to suit standard marine environment or hazardous condition,
zone 1 (Class 1 Div 1).