Portable turbidity meter Turb® 355 T - WTW

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Product Features

Small portable turbidity meter acc. to US EPA 180.1 
Suitable for nephelometric measurements at 90° stray light in quality control (e.g. cell culture) and environmental monitoring 
• Handy and easy operation 
• Low weight 
• Small sample volume 
Battery-operated portable turbidity meter with Tungsten lamp for nephelometric measurements as per US EPA 180.1: 
handy, light weight and easy to operate, primarily for applications to monitor > 1 NTU. With smaller samples of 15 ml, it is also very suited for applications in fermenters and cell cultures at good precision. 

Turb® 355 T is supplied as a set in a handy small case with quick instructions, calibration standards 0.02 – 10.0 and 1000 NTU, empty cuvettes and batteries.
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools