pHotoFlex® STD Colorimeter

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Portable colorimeter with 6 wavelength for environmental monitoring, extensive water and comprehensive routine analytics in (mobile) labs
This LED colorimeter is a menu-guided easy to use portable meter for routine analysis with lab quality: Besides the stand-alone instrument, a field case with integraded "work bench", accessories and GLP compliant Data-Management-Software is available

  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • More than 180 programs for standard parameters
  • Fixed adapter for two vial sizes
  • Robust and waterproof

pHotoFlex® STD with energy-efficient LED optics is equipped with 6 wavelengths and a switch adapter for various applications with 16 mm and 28 mm cuvettes, for even the smallest concentrations. With more than 180 programs for standard parameters and coloration as well as a multitude of test kits - from lot-certified cuvettes to economic powder reagents, it is suitable for monitoring by health offices via environmental monitoring all the way to service labs. A list of favorites for the most commonly used tests, sample ID numbers and more than 3,000 measurements per battery set facilitate field measurements.

An elegant folding mechanism allows the easy switch between the two cuvette sizes without the need to exchange the cuvette holder.

The optional PC software LSdata offers GLP-compliant data evaluation with data filters and the input of up to 10 user-defined programs, calculate them as a method automatically and save them to pHotoFlex®.

For convenient work in the field, a case set is a available as a mobile lab with a work surface and storage compartment as well as a lot of accessories, such as pipettes and cuvettes and spare batteries. For lab use, the photometer can be used in conjunction with a LabStation (optional) with site-supplied power and fitted with an external barcode reader.

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pHotoFlex® STD Single Instrument

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pHotoFlex® STD Field Set

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools