SenTix® Sp Analog pH Electrodes for Food Measurement

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WTW SenTix Sp Analog pH Electrodes for Food Measurement. Spear-type pH combination electrode for penetration measurements in meat, fruit and cheese, S7 plug head.

Product Features
  • Analog pH electrodes for food measurement
  • Special electrodes SenTix® Sp and SenTix® Sp-DIN with spear-type membrane, hole junction and polymer electrolyte
  • low resistance membrane glass for reliable measurements
  • Spear-type membrane makes penetration easy
  • easy to clean hole junction

SenTix® Sp: S7 plug head, requires cables AS/DIN or AS/BNC
SenTix® Sp-DIN: 1 m fixed cable with DIN plug

Available Versions

SKU: 103645 - SenTix® Sp
SKU: 103730 - SenTix® Sp-DIN


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools