inoLab® Cond 7310 Conductivity Benchtop Meter

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Product Features

Precise and high performance laboratory conductivity meter with GLP supportung functions for documentation measuring results 

  • Convenient and safe operation via plain text menus 
  • Documentation of all data via USB interface or optional built-in printer - fast and error-free 
  • Suitable for measurements according pharmacopeia

The new inoLab® Cond 7310 is highly suitable for all conductivity precision measurements connected with automatic documentation according to GLP/AQA in quality labs in all industries. It works with all modern WTW conductivity measuring cells to cover all applications. For the documentation, the serial number of the used sensor can be entered. Upon request, the measured values can be put out via the optional built-in printer. 

  • Repeatable measuring results by active, automatic AutoRead function with automatic recognition of stable values 
  • The sensor symbol informs about the status of the electrode 
  • Graphic display with plain text menus for the convenient and safe operation
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools