Lowara sails through high rise project – riverfront Scarlet Sails complex

The riverfront Scarlet Sails complex

Moscow, Russia


Application: Residential Building

Xylem products are meeting the high demands of a high-rise residential complex in Moscow.

The riverfront Scarlet Sails complex is ranked among the ten tallest buildings in the city, and Xylem  was commissioned to provide pumping solutions for heating, air-conditioning, and hot and cold water systems in the fifth tower of the project.

The development provided the common challenges of a high-rise building: high heads for water supply and high static pressures for circulating pumps.

Sergey Boksha of Xylem: “High rise building applications always present a challenge to pump equipment, in particular high heads for water supply and high static pressures for the circulating pump.”

Seven booster pump sets have been designed and installed to meet the specific demands from technical staff for the building’s water supply. SV series multistage pumps are married with Hydrovar® frequency controllers which vary the speed of the pumps to ensure maximum efficiency and economy. The pumps achieve the high
heads required (up to 180 m, 18 bar) and have a low-maintenance stainless steel construction.

The air-conditioning and ventilation systems use eight in-line circulating Lowara FCS series pumps with durable cast iron body and stainless steel laser welded impellers. These pumps also benefit from variable speed Hydrovar® controllers.

Xylem was chosen under competitive tender for the project, selected for the advanced design of our products, energy saving features and well-known durability of the FCS pumps.

Sergey Boksha of Xylem: “Lowara products have a reputation for providing an excellent solution in these conditions.”