Flygt Concertor intelligent wastewater pumping system for hotels

4-star Hotel

Budapest Downtown

End user: 4-star hotel in Budapest downtown

Challenge: Outdated wastewater pumps and continuous clogging

Solution: 2 pcs Flygt Concertor® N80 wastewater pumping system installation

The challenge

The pumps were extremely overloaded as the lifting station was handling the waste-and grey water from the kitchen, restaurant, laundry, the toilets and shower cabins of the staff. However, there was no possibility to transport the wastewater by gravitation. There were two pumps installed in the lifting station but in most of the cases only one was able to operate due to continuous failures.

Due to several modifications of the lifting station and the unpredictable rainwater inflow the exact duty point re- quirements were unknown. The frequent failures caused clogging and bad odors which disturbed the guests and every day operation of the hotel. A quick and easy installation and start-up was extremely important for the hotel owner as there was no possibility to close out the lifting station from the system. The new pumps had to be adjusted to the existing sta- tion and easily accessible for future maintenance needs.

The solution

The experts from Xylem have installed 2 pcs of Flygt Concertor® N80 4 kW wastewater pumping system. The Flygt Concertor® has an in-built intelligent control system designed specifically for Concertor and is neatly integrated in the head of the pump. This integrated intelligence utilizes the power electronics to achieve variable pump performance with patented software functionality written to ensure the optimum performance of the whole system. The advantage is that the control system, the super premium synchronous motor and the adaptive N-hydraulics work together in complete harmony for the maximum performance of the system. This ensures unmatched clog-free performance.

Flygt Concertor® is capable of sensing the operating conditions of its environment, adapting its performance in real time and providing feedback to pumping station operators. With this new system, Xylem is now bringing smart and interconnected solutions to the world of wastewater pumping.


As for the facility management’s feedback the lifting station provides a trouble-free operation. Our customer have also noticed 50% energy saving.

Xylem offers 24 months clog-free guarantee for its Flygt Concertor system in Hungary.

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