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Xylem Analytics Overview

Xylem Analytics is a major global manufacturer of market leading brands, with over 200 years experience between them, including Bellingham + Stanley, SI Analytics, OI Analytical, and YSI. The group's success is built on innovation & application within food & beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, water and wastewater sectors. Customers around the world choose Xylem Analytics because our instruments are designed and manufactured to the highest standard - continually meeting the needs of their specific requirements.

Bellingham + Stanley

Bellingham + Stanley’s skill in optical engineering, electronics and software design has enabled them to create instruments that are used extensively throughout the world's food, drinks, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries.


Ebro specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality thermometers, food oil quality meters, and data loggers for use in medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage - including catering and cold chain.

Temperature Data loggers from Ebro are small and easy to use, and are designed to be used to monitor extreme temperatures of sensitive goods such as blood, serums, food, medicines and vaccines. 

OI Analytical

OI Analytical offers analytical instruments that detect, measure, analyse and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids and gases and products.

Test even the most difficult samples (including samples high in salts) accurately and easily without the need for expensive options or add-on kits. OI Analytical’s new 1080 Combustion TOC Analyser is easy to use and maintain, and provides the lowest total operating cost of any combustion TOC currently available.

SI Analytics

SI Analytics are manufacturers of titrators, viscosity measuring systems, capillary viscometers, high-performance laboratory and process electrodes, as well as meters for the measurement of pH, DO and conductivity.


WTW are a German brand offering robust analytical products for the measurement of various parameters including pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, total dissolved solids and specific ions in lab, field and on-line applications serving the environmental, water and wastewater, food and beverage, educational, pharmaceutical, clinical, and more.

Products range from complete wastewater monitoring solutions, such as the SensorNet 2020 3G controller for effluent monitoring, to spectrophotometers and robust SenTix electrodes with wireless connectivity for the lab.


YSI Life Sciences products provide measurement solutions for a variety of industries and applications including clinical, industrial and research. Enzyme electrode technology for whole blood glucose measurements was pioneered and further developed by YSI for many clinical & industrial applications.


Titration is a common laboratory method of chemical analysis used to determine the actual concentration of an identified substance in solution.

Building on decades of know-how, Xylem has developed a range of reliable laboratory instruments and accessories for titration, dosing, applications and Karl Fischer titrators for water content analysis.

SI Analytics TitroLine® 5000 Titrator

Manufactured in Germany by Xylem's SI Analytics brand, the TitroLine® 5000 auto-titrator is ideal for routine titrations within the food, beverage and other industrial applications where non-skilled operators are required to fulfil routine tasks. The TitroLine® 5000 is an automatic titrator with easy handling and innovative features and a simple Methods system that makes use of pre-loaded procedures making for easy operation.

The TitroLine® 5000 has a full colour display including online titration curves and has new connectivity via USB and RS232 ports. The array of USB ports facilitates the connection of several USB devices such as a balance to transfer sample weights into the device as well as connection of a USB flash drive so that results in PDF and CSV formats including titration curve, results and all titration parameters may be easily transferred to LIMS or other devices.

SI Analytics TitroLine® 7000 Titrator

TitroLine 7000® Titrator with innovative features for simple and easy operation–without sacrificing accuracy. It can store up to 50 user methods with new intelligent, interchangeable modules and flexible configuration features. Perfect for non-aqueous titrations.

Do you require simple and easy titration but need more features? The TitroLine® 7000 offers storage of up to 50 user methods.

Measuring and calibrating with highest accuracy

The wireless sensor recognition automatically recognizes SI Analytics ID electrodes and instantly stores dedicated sensor data – eliminating measurement and calibration errors.

Perfect for non-aqueous titrations

Eliminate the need for special electrodes (e.g. separate indicator, reference and auxiliary electrodes) with the built-in amplifier–ideal for titrations in non-aqueous solvents.

pH Stat Titrations

With a pH stat application, a given pH is first adjusted and then kept constant during the analysis with an acid or a base.

SI Analytics TitroLine® 7500 KF Titrator

Beside the features which are mentioned in the general part of the titration family, the TitroLine® 7500 KF offers more performance and is the volumetric generalist for a wide range of use.

Karl Fischer Titration made easy

Titration curve live - The online display of the measurement curve, measurement drift and titration solvent consumption (TitroLine 7500 KF only) makes accurate monitoring of the titration possible enabling you to determine any unwanted side reactions immediately.

Titration stand TM 235 KF

Titrated samples are simply extracted by pressing a button on the KF titration stand TM 235 (standard on TitroLine 7500 and KF and part of the modules 2 + 4 TitroLine 7500 KF trace). With another push on a button you add fresh solvent or anolyte. A built-in magnetic stirrer ensures a consistent dilution of solution and sample.

For more information

For detailed information regarding titration solutions from Xylem Analytics visit our product home page.


Refractometers measure refractive index, which is often converted into a concentration measurement; typically of sugar (°Brix) for food applications or other easily useable concentration scales relative to the products being measured.

When light passes from one medium to another, the speed at which the light travels will change depending on the parameters of the materials. This principle can be seen when looking at a straw in a glass or an oarsman on the river, where the straw or oar appears to be bent at the water/air interface. The ratio or change in the speed of light is called refractive index and instruments that measure this are called refractometers. 

Bellingham + Stanley offer a range of bench-top and handheld digital refractometers to suit your requirements. 

RFM300-T Refractometers

The RFM300 now boasts a 7" touchscreen user interface with easy to use menus giving this powerful refractometer, suitable for harsh factory environments, a fresh modern look and feel.

The RFM300-T with Peltier temperature control, 3 decimal places °Brix, and a refractive index of up to 6 decimal places is suitable for measurement and control in demanding food, beverage, chemical and industrial applications due, in part, to its shallow, easy to clean prism dish with wide beam optics. Thanks to this technology the RFM300-T Series refractometers are capable of measuring non-homogenous samples such as fruit juice with pulp, opaque chemical compounds and emulsions that are normally difficult to read with other optical refractometers.

The instrument's new case is ergonomically designed so that any spills are dealt with by the sloping shape of the case or by the PEEK spill barrier that surrounds the shallow, easy-clean stainless steel prism dish.

RFM900-T Refractometers

The RFM900-T Series of Peltier temperature controlled refractometers combine latest opto-electronic principles with durability and ease of use via a touchscreen user interface.  Offering a wide refractive index range and high precision measurement to six decimals RI, the RFM970-T version is ideal for use in pharmaceutical applications operating in accordance with Pharmacopeia and FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11; as well as in petrochemical, chemical, and aroma applications.

A new low profile sample dish and non-contact presser makes sample application and cleaning much easier than with its predecessor. Readings can be taken automatically on the replacement of the presser and up to 8000 stored results can be easily viewed in tabular form on the instrument display. Peltier temperature control and intelligent temperature management ensures readings are only taken when the sample and refractometer temperatures are both stable.

The instruments conform to a number of industry measurement standards and offer operational features that allow use in an environment controlled by FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. The use of a Kalrez® gasket and sapphire prism facilitates placement in the harshest measurement environments including those in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aroma, flavour, fragrance and other high RI sectors.

RFM700-M Refractometers

RFM700-M Series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can now be used in many other non food applications where use of temperature control is not required.

RFM700-M Series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can also be used in many other non-food applications where temperature control is not required, for example measuring sugar (°Brix) concentrations in the food processing industry.

There are three models to choose from depending on the application requirement and the budget available. The entry level instrument is the RFM712, which is especially suited for use in fruit processing plants such as in the wine, tomato and sugar industry, whilst the RFM742 is a 2-decimal place instrument ideal for use in beverage plants.

Commonly, the RFM700-M Series refractometers are supplied to operate in the °Brix scale with results temperature compensated to 20°C in accordance with ICUMSA. Additional user scales provide measurement in different formats such as various wine, Refractive Index (RI) & FSII as well as allowing custom scales to be loaded in accordance with product data. Product specific temperature compensation may also be input to the RFM700-M Series refractometers providing a corrected reading whatever the instrument temperature. Sample temperature stability is also important.

The RFM700-M Series has the ability to sense a sample being placed on the prism so that it can make a measurement "hands-free." Push-button or continuous read functions are also selectable.

For more information

For detailed information regarding refractometer solutions from Xylem Analytics visit our product home page.


Bellingham + Stanley manufactures high quality ‘general purpose polarimeters’ for use in a variety of applications, along with a range of sample tubes and quartz control plates for instrument validation.

ADP600 Series Polarimeters

The ADP600 Series of Peltier temperature controlled polarimeters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications within the chemical, pharmaceutical & food sectors making it an ideal instrument for scientists wishing to research the characteristics of chiral compounds.

The ADP600 Series comprises of six models varying only by the wavelength of measurement, including the highly sensitive ultra-violet region. All ADP600 series Polarimeters are capable of measuring to four decimal places at constant temperatures of temperatures of 20 & 25 °C, set by an integral METHODS system accessed via a high definition touch-screen user interface.

The ADP600 Series polarimeters are compliant with all elements of Pharmacopeia and are suitable for use in high security environments operating in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11

ADP400 Series Polarimeters

ADP400 Series polarimeters not only offer three decimal place measurement, they are also packed full of features normally only expected from high-end instrumentation. 

There are two models:

ADP450 with patented XPC technology that uses Peltier to control sample temperature.

ADP430 for use where no temperature control is required or for operation with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) or a waterbath.
A METHODS system allows rapid instrument configuration.  Setting the scale, (optical rotation, sugar, Specific Rotation, concentration, etc.), selecting the reading type (continuous or single-shot) and limit checking against pre-defined product specifications is simple. 

High security software fulfils the operational requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, electronic signatures. User access is configurable and protected with password entry via keypad or RFID tag. Audit trails of readings and configuration are easily viewed on the 4” (10cm) full colour display or downloaded via USB or LAN/Ethernet.

Both instruments conform to the minimum requirement of USP/EP/BP for sodium (589nm) measurement.

For more information

For detailed information regarding polarimeters from Xylem Analytics visit our product home page


Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis is the measurement of organic contamination levels, and is therefore an important indicator of general water quality. TOC is an effective monitoring parameter because it responds to all types of organic carbon, either dissolved or suspended in water, including compounds without a chromophore. 

OI Analytical offers bench-top systems for highly accurate laboratory analysis of spot samples collected at designated intervals and on-line analyzers that monitor influent and effluent process water streams in real time.

1080 TOC Analyzer

The 1080 TOC Analyzer processes aqueous samples for analysis of the total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) content. Supporting USEPA-approved methods, Standard Methods, ASTM, DIN/ISO/CEN, and EU Methods the 1080 can analyze up to 300 samples per 24-hour period, depending upon the protocol employed, in excess of 100,000 samples per year. Principal applications include: wastewater, seawater, industrial process water, drinking water, groundwater and cooling water.

The 1080 TOC employs a multi-step analysis technique to distinguish and quantify different forms of carbon present in sample matrices and determine TOC content. The value reported as TOC is the non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) content. NPOC is derived by first determining, or sparging, the TIC content of a sample and then introducing the TIC-free sample into the combustion reactor to oxidize organic compound constituents.

TIC concentration is determined by acidifying a sample to a pH less than 2. Carbonates and bicarbonates in the sample dissociate, forming CO2, which is measured by a solid state non-dispersive infrared detector (SSNDIR) and reported in mass and concentration values.

TIC-free samples are Pulse-Timed injected into the reactor to perform high temperature (680 ºC) combustion over a platinum catalyst. Organic compounds are oxidized and converted into CO2, which is then quantified by the SSNDIR detector. The result is reported as the TOC content in both mass and concentration of carbon.

The 1080 TOC also supports other analytical approaches — including TC, TOC by subtraction (TC-TIC), and simultaneous determination of total bound nitrogen (TNb) using the optional TNb analysis module.

Model 1080 Features:

  • Wide operational range (50 ppb –2,000 ppm C)
  • Supports TC/TIC/TOC/NPOC analysis techniques and standard measurements
  • Patented* Smart Slide injector extends o-ring life and reduces maintenance
  • Patented* Tube Guard extends furnace tube life, and reduces maintenance

Aurora 1030W TOC Analyser

TOC for 50p*

The Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer is ideal for the following applications: drinking water, pharmaceutical cleaning validation, municipal wastewater, ground water/surface water, process water, boiler feed water and condensate, metal plating solutions, and ultrapure water.

The Aurora 1030W TOC Analyser uses the proven heated persulfate wet oxidation technique to analyse organic contamination levels in liquid samples. The instrument can be programmed and calibrated to analyze samples containing organic carbon at levels as low as 10 ppb and as high as 30,000 ppm. In addition to its wide range, the Aurora 1030W has an extremely high daily throughput. Up to 300 samples can be analyzed in a 24-hour period (dependent on method and application).

The reaction chamber of the Aurora 1030W is thoroughly rinsed between analyses to eliminate residue from the previous sample. This ensures the Aurora 1030W maintains the low system background necessary for high sensitivity TOC measurements. This contrasts with combustion TOC analyzers in which residual salts accumulate on catalyst surfaces, degrading oxidation efficiency and causing higher blanks and background contamination.

*TOC for 50p. Cost of ownership is based on consumables required to analyse 80 samples per day over a 49 week working year. For details, contact us.

For more information

For detailed information regarding TOC solutions from Xylem Analytics visit OI Analytical here

Automated Chemistry Analysers

YSI has earned a reputation as the Gold Standard in bio-analytical instruments with highly accurate sensors and rapid results.

YSI Analysers are used in many different areas; from measuring important nutrients including glucose and glutamine in Bioprocessing, lactate in blood and plasma within medical research and xylose and glucose measurement in biofuels to measuring key ingredients and byproducts in the food and beverage industry.

YSI 2900D Biochemistry Analyzer

The YSI 2900 features an intuitive graphical user interface, a USB port for data retrieval, and the ability to measure samples from a variety of sample holders including 96 well plates and microcentrifuge tubes, making 2900 series analyzers the easiest to use and most cost effective way to measure the following chemistries in a wide range of application areas.

  • Analyse specific results in 60 seconds or less
  • Proprietary immobilized enzyme electrodes
  • Unique fluidics resist clogging
  • Trusted measurement technology
  • Automated sample handling

The YSI 2900 features an intuitive graphical user interface, a USB port for data retrieval, and the ability to measure samples from a variety of sample holders including 96 well plates and microcentrifuge tubes, making 2900 series analyzers the easiest to use and most cost effective way to measure the following chemistries in a wide range of application areas:

Glucose * Lactate * Glutamine * Glutamate * Xylose * Ethanol * Methanol * Sucrose * Galactose * Lactose * Choline * Glycerol * Hydrogen peroxide

For more information

For detailed information regarding biochemistry analysers from Xylem Analytics visit YSI here.

OI Analytical Flow Solution™ FS 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer

The FS 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer is an advanced continuous flow analyzer designed to improve laboratory productivity by automating wet chemistry test procedures.

OI Analytical validates the hardware configuration and performance of every method supplied with the FS 3700 analyzer providing users a total analysis solution. Methods for aqueous samples, soil or plant extracts are available to support environmental compliance monitoring, process optimization and research applications.

Modular hardware

Modular hardware allows FIA and/or SFA methods to be run interchangeably on the same unit. Multiple FS 3700 can be linked to provide additional channels of concurrent analysis.

Injection Valves

An automated injection valve is installed in the analysis module chassis when required to run a flow injection analysis (FIA) method.

Chemistry Cartridges

Each chemistry cartridge is pre-assembled with all components needed to perform a validated analysis method – just attach the pump tubing and detector flow cell. 
Ordering by 'channel' provides a convenient way to configure the 3700. Modular, flexible hardware provides a great platform for research, in-house or proprietary methods.

For more information

For more information visit the OI Analytical page here.

Electrodes & Electrochemistry

Xylem Analytics has a range of electrodes to suit your application, and even your equipment. Our German made sensors are cost effective, high quality and can fit most laboratory meters.

SenTix® electrodes from WTW, a Xylem brand are one of the most popular electrodes on the market. They are great for most models of bench-top pH meters, due to a common BNC plug, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. The SenTix® electrode is also available with a DIN style connection.

SenTix® electrodes are especially suitable for measuring pH in the following applications:

Acids * Beer * Beverages * Coffee extract * Drinking water * Electroplating baths * Fruit juice * Detergents * Juice * Soft drinks * Mineral water * Paper extract * Protein-containing liquids * Salt solutions * Surface water * Tapwater * Vegetable juice * Wine * Yogurt

For more information

For detailed information regarding WTW's IDS system including electrodes and multi-parameter meters for lab and field visit the Xylem Analytics IDS home page.

A popular series of laboratory electrodes manufactured by SI Analytics in Mainz, Germany is the BlueLine. Compact, easy to use, and compatible with not only our own but most types of laboratory meter, BlueLine offers a viable alternative no matter what application style of electrode is required.

The BlueLine series includes robust general purpose electrodes with gel electrolyte and plastic shaft, liquid-electrolyte sensors for more critical measurements and special sensors. The special electrodes range includes pH electrode for surface measurements, small sample volumes, ultrapure water and emulsions; even for measurements in semi-solid samples such as cheese or frozen items.

  • Application specific electrodes
  • Gel or liquid electrolyte
  • Liquid electrolyte versions with unique platinum junction and refill port
  • Special sensors with universal membrane glass
  • Complete range of connecting plugs (DIN, BNC, S, N, E, etc.)
  • Unique serial no. for audit trail