Ubbelohde viscometer (DIN), with TC sensors and 4th tube, +10 … +80 °C

Overview ;


Product Features
  • Measuring temperature +10 … +80 °C
  • with 4th tube for filling/discharging, and screw connections
  • Filling volume: 18 … 22 ml
  • Overall length: ca. 355 mm
  • incl. calibration certificate

with additional tube for filling / discharging and thread connections

Ubbelohde glass capillary viscometer with TC sensors, characteristics according to DIN 51562-1 and ISO 3105.
Suitable especially for opaque samples, e.g. used motor oils.

For use with AVS® devices, equipped for thermoelectric detection, e.g. ViscoPump III (TC), VZ 8562.
No measuring stand of AVS®/S series required.

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