Pump Station Retrofit Ends Stormwater Woes in Lyndhurst, NJ


Failing, old, long shaft pumps at the Lyndhurst Sewer Department’s stormwater station were out on maintenance issues more than in operation. Existing pumping equipment was noisy, prone to blockage by debris, and suffered from lube system problems. Removing the equipment for service was not only a challenge, it was also expensive.

Pump replacement included a strong preference for a submersible-pump solution by Lyndhurst officials. Lyndhurst DPW was already very familiar with Flygt’s reliability and the services provided by Pumping Services, Inc., the pump manufacturer’s local representative. After careful review of the pump’s axial flow design, it was decided to go with mixed flow units. The mixed flow pump units offer a compact footprint that could be efficiently incorporated into the existing station clear well. In addition, the axial flow pump can operate in a less than ideal wet well layout and are able to handle difficult flood water debris, such as branches, leaves, weeds, trash, and sediments like sand, silt, mud, and soil.

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