ProfiLine Series ProfiLine pH/Cond 3320 Multi-Parameter Portable Meter

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The WTW ProfiLine pH/Cond 3320 Multi-Parameter Portable Meter has a robust, waterproof housing (IP67) and is equipped with memory as well as a data logger with an adjustable interval between 1 s and 60 minutes. All entries contain GLP-supporting data, like date, time and ID number.

Product Features
  • Two inputs for the simultaneous measurement of pH/mV/ISE and conductivity
  • Backlit graphic display for the parallel display of the measured values
  • Perfect for monitoring process applications
  • Waterproof housing (IP67)

The WTW ProfiLine pH/Cond 3320 has a waterproof USB interface, used for easy and quick data transfers.

It can be used almost anywhere - in process chemistry, Life Science, food and beverage industry all the way to the pharmaceutical industry (measurement of pH and conductivity according to pharmacopeia).

2 versions:

  • Single instrument in a case including short instruction manual, CD-ROM and batteries, cable (SKU: 2EA310)
  • Meter in carry case including SenTix 41, TetraCon 325, buffer solution STP 4 and STP 7 conductivity standard 0.01 mol/l KCI. Instruction manual, stand, beaker, CD-ROM, driver (SKU: 2EA312)
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools