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Extend the Range of the IQ Sensor Net

Product Features
  • The MIQ/JBR module is a repeater module for longer cable distances.
  • Has 4 connections for sensor or module cables for the 2020 3G controller and the 282/284 terminal.
  • Power consumption is 0 watts (non-active module).

The MIQ/JB branching module is used for the distributed mounting of the IQ SENSOR NET. It can be mounted at any position in a cable section.

Some examples the branching module can be used:

  • The branching of the IQ SENSOR NET, e.g. in order to integrate several measurement locations spread out in the system
  • The multiple connection of sensors via the SACIQ sensor connection cable, e.g. at the edge of the basin
  • Setting up an operating site, i.e. the branching module provides a possibility for the docking of terminal components.

The MIQ/JB simplifies the star-shaped configuration of the IQ SENSOR NET for the optimum power supply of all components by power supply modules. If necessary, the number of available connections at a single location can be increased by stacked mounting of further MIQ modules.

With the standard MIQ module housing, the MIQ/JB has the same characteristics as all MIQ modules regarding stability, leakproofness and weather resistance. It also provides the same wide variety of installation options (stacked mounting, canopy mounting, tophat rail mounting, etc.).

As many branching modules as required can be installed in a single IQ SENSOR NET system.

2 versions:

  • MIQ/JB (SKU: 480 008Y)
  • MIQ/JBR (SKU: 480 010Y)






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