Which Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock manual toilet do I have?

Here you can learn how to identify which Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock manual toilet you have based on how they look and which service kit belongs to each version.

Which Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock manual toilet do I have? 1:30

Jeff: Thanks for watching jabscotech.com. I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I’m Mike Irving.

Jeff: And today we're going to tell you how to identify what manual toilet you have. Mike is going to show you a cool little chart, how to identify what year you have, what service kit you need and what pump assembly goes along with it. Mike.

Mike: Now check this out. What we did is we broke it down by the different years, different color handles and this chart is going to show you what kind of service kit you need, what model toilet you have and what the replacement pump assembly. Now when you look at this, this does not talk about the old 59128 series; you just can't get parts for those anymore.

Jeff: You know, those were made in the 70s. Those are what we call our founding father of manual toilets. And you know what, if you could find parts for those, let us know. We would love to throw it in the museum. But again, just to confirm, we're talking about the same lineage of manual toilets that 59128 series had a triangular 3 screw pattern. The ones that we're talking about have a rectangular 4 screw pattern.

Mike: Perfect. I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: Thanks a lot for watching jabscotech.com. We'll see you back soon.