IQ Sensor Net System IQ Sensor Net Cleaner Head Module

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The WTW MIQ/CHV PLUS module is a magnetic valve module for automatic controlled cleaning via compressed air for the WTW 2020 XT

Product Features
  • Fast function expansion - compressed air cleaning is quick and uncomplicated to install
  • Low maintenance – due to automatic sensor cleaning
  • Easy mounting - the modular design saves money, time and work
  • Power consumption is 1 watt.

The expansion of your IQ Sensor Net by automatically controlled cleaning functions with the WTW IQ Sensor Net Cleaner Head Module: with the solenoid module MIQ/CHV PLUS this is as easy as the system expansion itself.

Compressed air cleaning is especially applied at heavily polluted locations, e.g. inlet of a wastewater treatment plant.

Typical sensors for using compressed air cleaning are our ion selective sensors VARiON®, AmmoLyt® and NitraLyt® and the optical UV/UV-VIS probes NitraVis®, NiCaVis® and CarboVis®.

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