The first Hydrovar X installation in the UK – PressBoost LtD


A prominent commercial building faced an unexpected and disruptive crisis when the facility's fixed-speed cold water booster set, responsible for maintaining adequate water pressure throughout the building, suffered a failure.


The first Hydrovar X installation in the UK – PressBoost LtDFortunately, a GHV20/10SVX8 twin-pump variable speed booster set with a Hydrovar X, the new integrated IE5 PM assisted synchronous reluctance motor and variable speed drive solution, had been provided to PressBoost Ltd for testing purposes in their workshop. Recognising the urgency of the situation, PressBoost’s engineering team swiftly arranged the installation of the booster set unit to restore the water supply in the building the same day. 


With the installation of a variable speed booster set integrated with the highly efficient Hydrovar X, substantial energy savings will be achieved. In contrast to the prior pumps operating at 4kW, the new pumps can function at a reduced 3kW while dynamically adjusting to demand. This optimisation enhances dependability, delivers energy-efficient performance and significantly advances connectivity and sustainability.

“We’re really excited by the prospect of the Hydrovar X and GHV booster set range. It was a pleasure to get the first unit installed and we fully believe this will be a fantastic addition to the UK booster set market. Our engineers found the equipment easy to install, commission and navigate.” – Pressboost Ltd