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Product Features
  • Highly customizable and sustainable disinfection solution for easy retrofit of chlorine contact chambers or existing UV systems. 
  • Largest flow capacity per channel reduces total installation costs
  • Powerful short 800 Watts Wedeco Ecoray® lamps minimize system footprint and keep maintenanance effort down.
  • Automatic module lifting with manual back-up raises parts with no costly overhead cranes and ensures easy access at any time. 
  • Maintenance-free electric drives that require no hydraulic oils or expensive upkeep. 

The Wedeco Duron 8 is an open-channel UV disinfection system for wastewater applications. It is designed to allow for easy retrofit of existing chlorine contact basins using the most powerful Ecoray® UV lamps, a Xylem technology made in Germany.
Tested under a broad range of effluent conditions it is providing a sustainable disinfection solution without any hazardous byproduct formation. It ensures highest disinfection performance up to reuse standards as well as for low quality effluents.

Flexible. Efficient. Failproof

With the Duron 8, Xylem’s continual thrust toward innovation has added the most powerful UV disinfection system yet to the Wedeco Duron Series. In addition to stronger disinfection in a more compact space, the Duron 8 offers easy, low-cost maintenance and advanced monitoring technology.

More affordable with less lamps

Higher powered unique 800W Ecoray UV lamps and more flexible module lamp arrangement allow for more efficient designs and cuts overall installation and operational costs by over 25%.

Easy maintenance

Fewer UV lamps and easy access to all components with integral module lifting allow for simple and fast maintenance. Short lamps increase safety for operators on site.

Simple retrofit capability 

Duron 8 provides the largest flow capacity per channel in the industry to cut total cost of installation down. It is highly customizable  to help convert more chlorine contact basins into chemical free UV disinfection systems. 

Superior ease of installation

Adjustable mounting bars allow for higher channel tolerances, ensuring fail-safe and fast installation. Fewer control boxes and smart cable routing reduces electrical works.

Peace of mind

3rd party validation and built in redundancy ensure high performance and run times. New App based connectivity enables easy monitoring and intuitive troubleshooting via mobile device.





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