Leopold Texler Lamella Clarifier

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  • Leopold Texler lamella clarifier clarification system
  • Water flow through the Texler lamella plate settler
  • Texler lamella clarifier provides simplified maintenance with integrated walkway
  • Hydrophobic lamella sheets, made of lightweight, durable geotextile material
  • V-notch weir provides even flow distribution for reliable clarification
  • Proven 55-degree incline of lamella plate

Breakthrough Design Uses Inclined Hydrophobic Geotextile Lamella Sheets to Increase Water Production

The Leopold Texler™ lamella clarifier uses a series of inclined lamellas designed to fit in rectangular clarification basins, providing a large settling area within a small footprint. With its efficient removal of solids, the Texler process attains very low turbidity levels and improves the filterability of the water.


Product Features
  • Inclined sheet arrangement increases clarification area
  • Geotextile material prevents sludge accumulation
  • Sheet sizing optimizes retrofit installations
  • Trough covers allow easy access to the system for inspection or maintenance
  • UV Covers absorb 90% of the light and minimize potential algae growth
  • Durable HDPE material reduces sludge build-up and the need for regular cleaning
  • Integrated v-notch weir evenly distributes the flow throughout the system
  • Modular side panels are rigid and light and reduce the need for additional support structures

High efficiency with small footprint

Texler provides a large clarification area basin. The numerous lamella sheets are installed at a 55° angle, increasing the water treatment capacity by up to 100% compared to conventional sedimentation systems. Solids settle without blocking the pathway of the water. The unique trough covers have an integrated v-notch weir design to ensure even flow distribution throughout the length of the clarifier. In this process, solids are reduced by over 80%, resulting in turbidity levels below 1 NTU.

Designed for minimal maintenance

Texler’s lamellas are made from a hydrophobic geotextile material, a proven, NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 certified, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that has been used in the water industry for many years. The repellent and flexible nature of the geotextile prevent sludge accumulation on the lamella sheets, which reduces the need for regular cleaning. The trough covers provide easy access for inspection or service work following local safety protocols. Texler’s unique, yet simple design helps minimize service costs.

Light and flexible for easy installation

Texler is cost-efficient to install thanks to its light and modular design. The width of the lamella sheets can be adapted to optimize the effective use of existing basins, and the use of HDPE reduces manufacturing and installation costs compared to current stainless steel designs.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools