Flojet G56 Beerjet

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Product Features

Model No.: G56 Series

  • Air compression can be used to pressurize the beer pumps
  • Cost-effective: no need for mixed gases or gas blenders
  • The beer pump increases the pressure in the product dispense line, which ensures the inherent gas in the solution (beer) cannot break out
  • Smaller I.D. tubing can be used in some installations, which reduces the amount of beer wasted when cleaning lines
  • The air/gas used to power the pump never comes into contact with the beer, providing protection from flat or tainted beer due to impure air contamination or oxidisation
  • Capable of traversing up to 800 feet (244m) horizontally through a single line
  • Capable of delivering beer up to 10 storeys (30m) vertically through a single line
  • Pump can be used to aid in beer line cleaning through wall mounted cleaning sockets
  • Infinitely variable to suit all runs and rises
  • Can dispense mutlple faucets (up to 5) from a single keg or keg series. This will cut walk-in cooler clutter by lowering the number of kegs on tap at one time which promotes prduct quality/freshness
  • Feeds up to 3 faucets through a single line


Dispensing beer from a keg, cask or brew kettle
Both long or short draw systems




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Documentation & Tools