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Water challenges are Closer Than You Think

The threats posed by the world’s water challenges are getting closer for us all, and our launch campaign aims to drive awareness and stop people all over the world from taking water for granted.

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The Changing Room

The powerful message behind our Closer Than You Think campaign needed a suitably epic launch activity.

The Changing Room was a spectacular projection, which is delivering our message memorably to City players, fans and the world.

In the iconic Manchester City dressing room, we surprised City stars Sergio Agüero, David Silva and Ilkay Gündogan, surrounding them with a projection mapped display of dystopian visions of the future, educating them that the world’s water challenges are closer than you think…





Behind the scenes of The Changing Room

City’s star striker Sergio Agüero talks about the impact the projection, and its message, had on him.

Then, a few members of the team who helped to put the project together talk about how it was created, and the challenges faced with such a production.


Let's solve water with these 12 tips

Follow these tips to make wiser choices about water. Using water more efficiently can save you money, help your local ecosystem, and contribute to a more water-secure and sustainable world.

The Manchester City Partnership

This year we kicked off an exciting partnership with Manchester City, Manchester City Women and New York City FC.

Our unique partnership will help raise awareness of Xylem's work and our mission to create a better, more water-secure world.

These teams and others, grouped under the City Football Group banner, will connect us to millions of fans around the world – a truly global platform that will allow us to communicate a global message and inform more people about issues that affect us all.

Xylem & Manchester City Shared Values

Offering access to different clubs around the world, our partnership will help us to create global awareness and local impact. Our work together will raise awareness of Xylem's mission to solve water, help drive a global conversation, and inspire the next generation of fans to think differently about water.

Xylem and
Manchester City,
perfect teammates

Manchester City is our ideal partner – because of our shared commitment to making a difference in the world.

The club has already made a huge effort to support our Watermark Foundation, helping advance our mission to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need around the world, and to educate people about water issues.

Together with their own Cityzens Giving campaign –  which a Xylem-supported Safe Water Project in Bangalore won this year – the club is committed, as we are, to making a real difference to people’s lives.





A toast to the 'Raining Champions'!

What better way to educate football fans about urgent water challenges and celebrate a phenomenal season for Manchester City than by toasting the club with a limited-edition beer brewed with purified rainwater from the Etihad Stadium?

To celebrate City’s epic Premier League title win, we’re excited to team up with Manchester City and Heineken Manchester to produce ‘Raining Champions’ – a bespoke beer made from purified rainwater collected on the rooftop of City’s home ground.

With Manchester averaging about 152 rainy days per year, challenges like water scarcity may seem a world away but the reality is that these issues are closer than we think.

A staggering 3.6 billion people – almost half the global population – currently live in areas that are water-scarce at least one month per year and, by 2050, projections estimate that more than 5 billion people could suffer water shortages. Recycled water is one long-term, sustainable solution to water scarcity.

The ‘Raining Champions’ beer was brewed using rainwater from the Etihad, purified with advanced, proven treatment technologies that produce safe clean drinking water to the highest standards. 

Stay tuned to be in with a chance to taste the limited-edition brew at the start of the new season… details coming soon!


Cityzens Giving

Last year, Manchester City and its partners donated £400,000 to six community football projects run by young leaders in cities around the world, as part of the annual Cityzens Giving campaign.

As a partner of Manchester City, Xylem was proud to support a safe water project in Bangalore. Our Water Goals initiative – the largest recipient of the donation after winning a public voting contest – combines football, safe water education and clean drinking water towers in the heart of the community, to help prevent water-borne illnesses and keep children in school.

The Safe Water project gained more than 450,000 votes from players, partners and football fans around the world and received £92,000 in funding as a result. 

Celebrating a Water Tight Defence

This campaign gives the limelight to the unsung heroes of football: defenders. Because the tackles that stop goals at one end can be as vital as those scored at the other. Manchester City’s monthly montage of standout defensive performances offers exclusive content for fans, via a theme that links back to Xylem and our goals… to help communities around the world be as ‘water-tight’ and resilient as Manchester City’s defence.

Manchester City’s monthly montage of standout defensive performances offers exclusive content for fans, via a theme that links back to Xylem and our goals… to be as focused on protecting and saving water as City’s powerful defensive back line.


November 2018

4 goals conceded in 6 matches 

3 clean sheets 

Best defensive record in the league 

December 2018

11 goals conceded in the league

0 clean sheets

8 assists in the league

January 2019

3 goals conceded in the league

6 clean sheets

4 goals from defenders


March 2019

1 goal conceded in the league

3 clean sheets

0 shots on target conceded



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