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Xylem Avensor is a cloud based digital app providing alerts and data driven insights for pump stations and water infrastructure assets.

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Avensor Overview

A smarter approach to managing your water infrastructure is increasingly required due to:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Climate change
  • Aging workforce

Intelligence for your water infrastructure assets

Avensor is a digital service that provides alerts and data-driven insights from a device connected to your pump stations or other water infrastructure assets.

Avensor provides connectivity and remote data access to your assets. This will allow you to gather alarms, operating data and additional insights to reduce the risk of downtime and better use your resources.







Accessible and Easy to Deploy

Avensor is easy to deploy and scale up across your organization



Avensor-yellow-icon-s.pngDecision Intelligence

Get data and insights to make better decisions about operations and investments




Asset Lifecycle Management

Better manage your assets, and reduce risks and costs, with accurate data




End-to-end Service Responsibility

24/7 system monitoring and optional remote and onsite support


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Avensor in Action