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System Overview

Avensor is built for water infrastructure assets

Xylem has in-depth experience and expertise in providing SCADA and monitoring systems for our customers and is leading the industry with smart water technology and decision intelligence solutions.

System Monitoring

At Xylem, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment up and running. Therefore, Xylem monitors Avensor application 24/7 using our Network Operations Center. This ensures high system availability as well as system support when needed.


Ensuring the security of connected products and data is essential for our customers. Xylem recognizes this and works actively to ensure data security for our products and services. Xylem uses private cellular networks that keep communications separate from public internet usage and only works with world-class partners.




Plug-and-play functionality

Easily connect supported devices through Modbus ­ (RS485, RS232 or TCP), or other device via analogue and digital inputs

Alarms and data

Accurate real-time data and early warnings from connected ­devices for carrying out data-driven service operations

Alarm management

Alarms from devices are easily sent to the right people through text messages, email or app notifications. Alarm acknowledgement in the app or via SMS

Station and site overview

Monitor your stations and sites through connected assets. View data and alarms, including history, location data, and more


Avensor’s analytics capability enables you to visualize and make decisions from the data collected. Possible to export data for analysis in other tools

Mobile app

Get easy remote access at any time on any device

24/7 system monitoring and support

Xylem monitors the Avensor service 24/7 to ensure system availability. Remote and onsite support from Xylem and its service partner network is available on demand

API Interface

Add data and features to your system and applications via API without need of Avensor’s online interface or the mobile app

Compatible Devices

Compatible Devices 

The Flygt CCD 301 modem is compatible with the following devices:

Device Connection Maximum number of connected devices for each modem
Analog input Signal leads 1
Digital input Signal leads 1
Flygt APP 411 RS-485 or Ethernet 1
Flygt APP 521/541 RS-232 1
Flygt FGC 313/323 RS-232 1
Flygt FGC 401/411/421 RS-232 or RS-485 1
Lowara Hydrovar RS-485 8
Flygt MagFlux RS-485 8
Flygt MAS 711 RS-485 8
SENECA Z-5/10-D-IN RS-485 8
EcoTouch 6 Ethernet 1
Flygt SRC 311 RS-485 8
Flygt FPG 411/412/415 RS-485 or Ethernet
  • RS-485: 8

  • Ethernet: 1

Flygt DCM 711 RS-485 or Ethernet 1
Flygt MyConnect RS-232 or RS-485 1
Flygt SmartRun gateway RS-232 or RS-485 1


It is possible to retrieve data from more than one device in a system even if the maximum number of connected devices is one:

  • The Concertor™ XPC system includes one controller and up to seven gateways. The controller retrieves data from the gateways. When the controller connects to the modem, Avensor retrieves data from all devices in the system.


  • The RS-232 and the RS-485 devices cannot be connected at the same time.
  • It is possible to connect the digital input device or the analog input device with the other devices that use RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet connection.


Avensor version 1.12 released on 2020-11-05

  • First notification delay for alarms can now be configured by the user 
  • Digital input data now plotted in analytics 
  • Map behavior optimized for large amount of stations
  • MAS711 additional charts in analytics
  • APP411 8 pumps system now supported
  • Introduced support for the upcoming CCD 401 (4G modem)
  • Plus other improvements and performance enhancements

Avensor version 1.11 released on 2020-10-21

  • New language support: Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian and Slovenian
  • Modem SW updates; users are notified about new software and can update to latest available modem SW
  • Users are now notified and can update latest available modem configuration for their connected devices
  • FGC300 can now be configured whether it uses analog level or float switches
  • FGC400 data analytics; added energy consumption over time
  • Enable of Automatic Location Update now triggers modem to get its position
  • Plus other improvements and performance enhancements