Lawn & Garden Irrigation

Xylem´s sprinkler systems save, time, money, aid in water conservation, and help achieve a lush, green lawn. Over time, an automatic sprinkler system will pay for itself. The savings are incurred by eliminating overwatering and providing perfect, efficient coverage. Hand watering is no match for the efficiency of an irrigation system.

Xylem offers four types of sprinklers:

Soaker hoses - ooze water through a porous membrane running the length of the hose. They are great for deep watering as gardeners may bury them along the roots and watering lines of the garden or plants. 

Drip Irrigation System - are becoming the most popular among landscapers and irrigators as they are the most water-efficient. They are especially good for non-turf areas

Spray System - This traditional form of sprinkler uses spray heads, some at ground level, some pop ups and some on extended, exterior pipes. These spray heads come in different shapes and functions spraying a full circle, a half circle or different fractions of a circle.

Rotor System - Although generally more efficient than spray heads, these systems lose quite a bit of water to evaporation as well.  Rotor systems come in two main styles: stream or impact. They are useful in covering large areas and typically apply water more uniformly than spray heads.

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