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VEMA Pulsed Aeration Control for BLU-X Lite

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Product Features
  • VEMA solves mixing-limited aeration conditions
  • Reduce energy consumption - VEMA optimizes dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations during under-loaded and mixing-limited conditions.
  • Ensure discharge compliance - VEMA intermittently increases the aeration intensity to maintain solids in suspension, avoiding dead zones, resulting in high quality effluent.
  • Improve nitrogen removal - VEMA limits the amount of excessive oxygen recirculated to anoxic zones, improving nutrient removal performance.
  • Reduce chemical consumption - VEMA improves biological phosphorus removal performance and reduces chemical usage.
  • Data Security - Xylem cybersecurity sets boundaries for data driven  solutions while adhering to rigorous safety standards.

Significantly reduce aeration costs
Aeration is the highest operating expense for wastewater treatment plants, but there may be opportunities to reduce costs. Sanitaire VEMA pulsed aeration control is ideal for under-loaded plants as this technology allows basins to be mixed with a minimum amount of air and helps save energy when facing mixing-limited conditions. VEMA provides pulses of aeration that meet oxygen demands for the biological process, in addition to keeping particles in suspension.

Optimize aeration and avoid spending capital
Spending additional capital on new equipment is often not possible for many wastewater treatment plants due to budgeting challenges. The VEMA process can optimize aeration without replacing existing equipment. The VEMA aeration control is loaded onto the Xylem Edge Gateway which can be applied to virtually any existing aeration control system. This allows plants to avoid spending capital on new panels, and instead optimize their existing  infrastructure to reduce costs.

Built for the future
Sanitaire VEMA is an aeration controller built on the Xylem BLU-X Lite digital platform. This platform is designed to offer a suite of solutions that can be applied to existing assets to address different needs such as meeting nutrient limits, phosphorus compliance, energy reduction, and more. BLU-X Lite is an optimization solution that is PLC agnostic with built-in off-the-shelf controls that utilize real-time sensor based algorithms to optimize treatment  processes. BLU-X Lite provides an opportunity to begin the digital journey with a single optimization controller, such as VEMA, and the ability to upgrade to additional digital capabilities.

Security overview
Xylem addresses cybersecurity concerns using the most rigorous safety standards for both cross-connected and cloud-based solution offerings. The Xylem Edge Gateway ensures safe deployment including physical security, interface security, network security and application security.



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