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TE 450 Series UV disinfection system

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Product Features
  • UV module suited for head space disinfection in tanks or surface disinfection 
  • Suitable for applications in and out of water
  • High efficiency Spektrotherm UV lamp and ballast technology
  • High-grade protective stainless steel frame

Robust and proven easy installation and maintenance for disinfection in head spaces

Storage containers or tanks for drinking water and other liquids are prone to contamination due to pressure compensation valves in the head space area. The Wedeco TE immersion UV module is a simple and chemical-free method for suppressing bacterial growth.

The TE installation consists of a low-pressure, high-output, amalgam lamp with a quartz sleeve. The efficient and temperature-stable Wedeco Spektrotherm lamps guarantee maximum disinfection from very cold to hot temperatures. 

The TE type series also has a high-grade steel protection guard, which offers the highest possible security for both the quartz sleeve and the medium. 

The systems are equipped with a lapped flange for simple installation into a tank filler neck. Moreover, the TE systems are suitable for Cleaning-In-Place (CIP). The number of TE modules to be installed varies depending upon container size and application. 

Maintenance work can be completed without opening the tank.

Versatile for multiple surface disinfection applications

Surface disinfection has become an important treatment method, especially in the food industry where high hygienic standards have to be met. Common UV applications are disinfecting caps, PE-screw caps, food containers, lids and packaging material (glass, metal, cardboard, foil, etc.), as well as a broad range of food products like meat, bread and fruit. 

Apart from the food industry, UV surface disinfection can be used for knives or microbiological culture test tubes.

The lamps can be installed longitudinal, diagonal or perpendicular over the conveyor belt depending on their arc length and the width of the conveyor belt.



General Information
TE 450 Series UV disinfection system
Immersion length (mm/inch) approx.
470 / 18.5
UV Lamps and Monitoring System
TE 450 Series UV disinfection system
Lamp technology
Low-pressure, high-output amalgam
Power per lamp
Number of lamps per row
Lamp life (hours)
UV Reactor
TE 450 Series UV disinfection system
UV reactor protection class
IP 68
Reactor material
Stainless Steel
Flange size
DN 50 (loose flange)
Reactor length (m / in) approx.
470 / 18.5
Maximum operating pressure (bar/PSI)
Operating temperature (C/F)
0-60 / 32- 140
UV System Control Cabinet
TE 450 Series UV disinfection system
Ballast type
Electronic, constant output (100% power)
Display only
UV system control cabinet material
UV electrical standards
Common outputs
Volt-free contacts: operation, failure
UV system control cabinet scada communication
UV electrical requirements
230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption (kW) approx.
Protection class
IP 54
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools