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TAK 55 UV disinfection system

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Product Features
  • Suitable for the disinfection of wastewater (primary, secondary or tertiary), water reuse, and aquaculture 
  • Modular system for customized design serving flow rates from 500 m³/h (3 MGD) up to several thousand m³/h (>100 MGD)
  • Validated performance by state-of-the-art bioassay in compliance with USEPA’s UVDGM (2006), IUVA Protocol (2011) and NWRI Guidelines (2003/2012) including Title 22 acceptance
  • High-efficiency Ecoray UV lamp and ballast technology
  • OptiDose Control - Xylem's Wedeco true intensity based control philosophy using an ÖNORM-certified UV intensity sensor
  • EcoTouch or PLC controlled - operator-friendly UV system control with SCADA communication
  • Chemical-free, automatic, mechanical wiping system

Reliable, proven performance

Specially engineered for the disinfection of wastewater from clarification plant processes, Xylem's customizable TAK 55 UV system is successfully applied all over the world in more than 1,000 installations, including the world's largest wastewater UV disinfection system. 

Validated by extensive testing, Xylem can provide reliable and objective performance data for the entire dosage range for the Wedeco TAK 55. The Wedeco TAK 55 UV system was the first open channel wastewater UV system that has not only been validated according to the NWRI guidelines, but also in line with the UVDGM. Additionally, it has also received California’s Title 22 approval to meet the stringent rules for water reuse applications.

Thanks to the TAK 55 UV system's validated dose design, the design can be fine-tuned to match water quality, operating conditions and discharge requirements. This approach ensures that the system design is not over sized or under sized. Optimizing for specific site requirements gives the smallest possible UV system without compromising performance, ultimately saving upfront capital costs and operational costs for the life of the system.

The TAK 55 UV system comes equipped with a fully-automatic wiping system. The excellent cleaning performance has been confirmed by independent institutions and significantly reduces the formation of deposits on the quartz protection tubes. The wiping system is equipped with specially designed PTFE wiper rings that don’t interrupt the disinfection process and clean without the addition of chemical additives. The continuously working wiper frequency can also be easily adapted to the properties of the wastewater.

Customizable UV banks, intelligently controlled

Xylem's TAK 55 UV system can be tailored to local conditions and performance requirements, including the channel depth and width, as well as the number of channels and banks per channel. Standby capacity may be included as well if required. Different lamp spacing options assure proper disinfection regardless of water quality.

Equipped with superior Ecoray UV lamps, that can be operated between 50% and 100% input power, the Wedeco TAK 55 UV system results in excellent energy efficiency, particularly in dimmed mode. The lamps are powered by the latest electronic ballast technology that is perfectly matched to the lamps, in order to give the highest UV lamp output and lamp life. 

For ideal performance monitoring and energy conservation, the TAK 55 UV systems feature the sensor-based OptiDose control philosophy that monitors operating conditions in real time, including flow, UV transmittance, and UV intensity. Then, with proven control logic, OptiDose adjusts the energy consumption to the minimum needed to meet dosing requirements. The result is the dose needed using the minimum amount of energy. 



General Information
TAK 55 UV disinfection system
UV transmittance range in % (1cm)
35 -75
Maximum flow rate (m³/h / MGD)
Several 1000 m³/h >100 MGD
Validation type
UV Lamps and Monitoring System
TAK 55 UV disinfection system
Lamp technology
Ecoray Low-pressure, high-output amalgam
Power per lamp
Number of lamps per row
Lamp life (hours)
Lamp certification
UV intensity monitoring
One (1) sensor per bank
Control philosophy
OptiDose (true sensor based variable lamp output)
Individual lamp monitoring
UV Reactor
TAK 55 UV disinfection system
UV reactor protection class
IP 67
Cleaning system
Automatic, mechanical
Channel width (mm / ft) approx.
235 mm - 3560 mm 0.8 ft - 11.8 ft
Channel length (mm / ft) approx.
Design specific min. 4000 mm min. 13.2 ft
Lamp configuration
Horizontal, parallel to flow
UV reactor installation location
Level control device
Fixed weir/motorized weir plate
UV System Control Cabinet
TAK 55 UV disinfection system
Ballast type
Electronic, high-efficiency, variable utput (50 to 100% power)
UV system control cabinet material
Painted sheet steel
UV electrical standards
Common outputs
System Status, Lamp Status, Alarm Messages, Process Values
UV system control cabinet scada communication
UV electrical requirements
CE: 400/230 +/- 10%, 50 Hz (TN-S Net) cUL: 480/277 +/- 10%, 60 Hz (5 Wire WYE; L1, L2, L3, N, GND
Ambient air temperature (C/F)
Protection class
IP54/cUL Type 12 (4X optional)


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Documentation & Tools