HydroInfinity Complete Water Treatment and Booster System

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Product Features
  • Sustainable supply of pure, clean and fresh water
  • Chemical free purification
  • Patented operating technology combining UV, ozone and filter
  • Complete, ready to install package including UV lamp, ozone reactor, filters, pump, storage and controls
  •  220 l storage tank
  • Delivery pressure up to 4,6 bar
  • Delivery flow up to 50 l/min

Unique, patented operating technology

HydroInfinity is a chemical-free water purification system which inactivates all pathogenic organisms from your water supply, including E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella bacteria and the Cryptosporidium oocyst

Water is sourced from your own rain water harvesting system, wells, surface water, boreholes or municipally supplied water. 

Patented technology treats contaminated water, chemically-free to independently verified drinking water standards, internationally recognised certification and regulatory processes – and meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards and European DWD (Drinking Water Directive) legislation. 

Internet-of-Things and Wi-Fi enabled to allow remote monitoring of water quality standards. 

HydroInfinity is the only solution offering storage and the instantaneous delivery of drinking water – typically up to 4.6 bar pressure and an outlet flow of 50 l/min.

Ultra-Violet (UV) reactor inactivates bacteria and pathogens

Patented technology slows the speed of the water through the ‘helical’ UV reactor chamber, ensuring all bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms are inactivated.

Economical operation

Switched on only when needed, the energy-saving UV lamp is tested to a minimum life of 5 years and designed to allow safe visual inspection.

Ozone – a natural disinfectant

Ozone oxidises and breaks down bacteria. The 220 l internal reservoir stores a precisely controlled level of naturally selfdisinfecting, ozonated water. Unlike other bulky machines, the patented technology accurately creates, measures and controls ozone levels within the stored water. In the HydroInfinity Residential series, all water-borne ozone is removed by the patented Ozone Destruct Filter before use – while in the HydroInfinity Agricultural series, the ozonated water retains a level of ozone, providing proven benefits to livestock from an improved gestation period to the elimination of antibiotics.

Safe water

Because the technology is a chemical-free process (no chlorine or fluoride is used), no carcinogenic THMs (Trihalomethanes) are created, guaranteeing a 24/7 365-day sustainable supply of pure, clean, fresh water. The electronic sensors, remote control systems and patented software automatically ensure that no compromised water enter or exit the machine. Only the purest, safest water is instantaneously delivered. 

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Livestock Water Supply
Livestock & Poultry Livestock Water Supply

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