Sensus CompactRF Radio Module

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The Sensus CompactRF radio module can be retrofitted to Sensus residential water meters that are prepared for an HRI pick-up system.

This clip-on module integrates mechanical meters into the SensusRFradio system.

CompactRF modules are designed to securely and automatically transmit the most important meter data at frequent intervals or to enable more detailed information, using mobile data collection devices or a fixed radio network. Besides improved meter reader safety, the utility will be able to gain in operational efficiency.

In addition to providing the meter index, CompactRF modules enable numerous other smart functions, supporting customer satisfaction programs, and NRW initiatives.

Product Details

  • Compatible with most Sensus mechanical residential meters
  • Industry-leading, uni- and bidirectional radio technology providing superior, reliable communication links
  • Standard unidirectional telegram (BUP)
  • Active alarm status (backflow, leakage, broken pipe, low battery)
  • Extended data upon request using bi-directional LAT
  • Highly granular data thanks to the Data Logger function (2880 steps of 1 min to 24h) SensusRF protocol bidirectional
  • FlexNet protocol (TFX) bidirectional
  • wM-Bus OMS unidirectional
  • Battery lifetime 12+ years, independent of a reading system
Product Features
  • Compact design
  • Robust IP68-rated housing


Power Supply

  • Lithium battery, battery life: typically 12+ years

Radio specification

  • Radio bands: 868 MHz
  • Radio power: 25 mW

Radio protocol

  • SensusRF protocol bidirectional
  • FlexNet™ protocol (TFX) bi-directional
  • wM-Bus OMS unidirectional


  • Operation: min –10°C / max +65°C
  • Storage: min –20°C / max +65°C
  • Protection rating: IP68
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools