HRI-Mei Sensor Reading Device

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Our HRI-Mei sensor reading device is a data interface for pulse output for industrial water meters. It provides a high-resolution pulse output with a flow direction signal. The data interface can be used for M-Bus applications.

Designed for industrial water meters like MeiStream and MeiTwin, the HRI-Mei can be retrofitted without breaking your meter’s metrological seal. It is also built to withstand harsh environments, like flooded pits.

You can use the HRI-Mei for:

  • Industrial monitor and control applications and SCADA systems
  • Flow rate indication using frequency converters like FM-1D/K or FM-2D/K
  • Local meter reading for billing applications
  • Meter remote reading and profiling via cable fixed networks with M-Bus, radio modem or GSM network
  • Data logging in conjunction with various data loggers (i.e., CDL)

Benefits to you 

  • Is compatible with commercial and industrial water meters like MeiStream and MeiTwin
  • Clips onto an appropriate water meter without breaking the meter’s seal
  • Detects water flow direction
  • Supports other applications requiring reed switches or optical pulse outputs
  • Accommodates a second pulser (depending on the register)
Product Features
  • Load-free, inductive scanning of the meter’s pointer
  • Self diagnosis and tamper detection
  • Battery lifetime up to 12 years, extended with external power supply (i.e., a M-Bus central unit)
  • Sturdy construction and sealed housing (IP68)
  • 3-meter cable



Pulse Output:

  • Electronic pulse output with no switch bouncing
  • Pulse weight and length can be changed on-site
  • Different modes for pulse output, tamper output, direction output

Data Interface:

  • M-Bus and MiniBus (autodetected)
  • Automatic detection of baud rate (300/2400Bd) and type of interface
  • Data protocol according to IEC870-5/EN13757-3
  • Provides an easy-to-use data protocol compatible with the encoder registers
  • Transferred data
    • Meter index
    • Fabrication number
    • Meter ID equivalent to secondary address
    • Monthly meter index for programmable day
    • Meter index for programmable yearly key date and for the year before
    • Min./max. water flow with date/time
    • Backward water volume with date/time
    • Broken pipe and leakage detection with programmable flow thresholds
    • Tamper detection (*)
    • The HRI-Mei can be programmed to transfer selected information.

Programmable Data:

(*) Requires tamper target at the meter.

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools