• Water Quality Monitoring

    Handheld water quality digital
    samplers for multiple parameters

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  • YSI Environmental Monitoring

    EXO Platform, a smart and
    field-ready water monitoring system

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  • YSI Autonomous Monitoring

    AUV & ASV designed for water quality,
    water currents, and bathymetry

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  • YSI Systems Integration

    Vertical water quality profilers,
    field design and installation

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  • YSI Lab & Life Sciences

    Biochemistry Analyzers
    & Benchtop Instruments

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Changing Nutrient Monitoring Forever

EXO NitraLED UV Nitrate Sensor

EXO NitraLED is the world’s most accessible UV Nitrate sensor, built with state-of-the-art LED technology, for long-term nutrient monitoring.

Light Up your Monitoring

ProSample for COVID RNA Detection

water-quality-meter-ysi-proswap-sampling-handheld.jpgWith 12 programmable settings, users can configure the instrument to collect wastewater samples, which provides the most accurate representation of the residents in the building and the potential presence of COVID-19.

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Vertical Profiling Systems (VPS)

Xylem VPS Brochure

5 Deployment Configurations - Ocean, Pontoon, Fixed, Mini and Aerial provide a reliable, fully-automated data collection platform for the early warning of intrusion events for business and environmental critical decision making

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ProSolo Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

YSI-ProSolo-Handheld.jpgThe ProSolo incorporates smart sensor technology that enables sensors to be automatically recognized by the handheld. Additionally, DIGITAL sensors store calibration data, so probe assemblies can be swapped between handhelds without the need for re-calibration.

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