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Xylem is dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues. As a part of this mission, Xylem Watermark, the company’s corporate citizenship platform, was founded eleven years ago. The program is an integral part of realizing Xylem’s vision: a world where water issues are no longer a barrier to human health, prosperity and sustainable development.

disaster-clean-water-support.jpgXylem Watermark’s mission is to provide education and access to safe water to ensure healthy lives, gender equality and resilient communities. We execute on these goals by working with nonprofit partners on sustainable development projects that provide education and protect safe water resources for communities around the world, and engaging our passionate employees and external stakeholders. Employees and stakeholders take action to address global water challenges by volunteering their time, providing pro bono skilled expertise, donating in-kind equipment, raising funds, and innovating to provide water solutions.

Working with our global community, Xylem creates social value by providing water-related disaster relief expertise, technology and equipment to communities in need; by educating and raising awareness about water challenges, and inspiring the next generation of water stewards; and by tapping into the passion of our more than 16,000 colleagues and stakeholder volunteers to give time to local water-related causes.

A New Level of Engagement

In 2019, Xylem Watermark expanded our strategy by launching our Global Humanitarian Disaster Response Team, engaging our stakeholders in Watermark programming, developing strategic initiatives to serve people living at the base of the economic pyramid, and expanding our geographic footprint by entering in Mexico with non-profit partner Planet Water Foundation. These initiatives and programs contribute to our progress towards our 2025 sustainability goals, and create direct and indirect economic and social impact.

More than 9,200 members of Xylem’s employee base volunteered in more than 52 countries, participating in over 950 events and working with local nonprofit organizations committed to water-related issues in their communities. Employees logged more than 70,000 volunteer hours in 2019 to help us exceed a four-year program total of 180,000+ hours. Employees engaged in a new global initiative called “Plogging”, which led hundreds of Xylem employees to go out into their communities and pick up trash while they jogged. Employees also participated in disaster preparedness and response, by building their own disaster preparedness kits and assembling and donating disaster kits for emergencies such as Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

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Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Xylem is a founding sponsor of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. The competition brings together students from 35 countries as they promote interest and initiatives to solve water and sustainability issues. Xylem has been the Global Sponsor of the prize since 1997.

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Bulvedre, Texas

Watermark, Goulds Water Technology, Austin Pump and Supply, HM Schwope & Sons and other companies partnered to bring clean, safe water to a family in a home for 24 years without a well. “Water is freedom. Freedom and independence and riches. This brings riches to us. We now own a well,” said homeowner Nancy Salazar. Xylem team member Susan O’Grady expressed a similar sentiment. “We did what we set out to do. We solved water.”

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Disaster Response in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

As part of a global disaster response program in 2019, Xylem Watermark provided humanitarian aid to 11 affected areas. One area of focus was Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. The project is one example of Xylem Watermark working with partners to make an impact. Teaming with Mercy Corps (a Xylem Watermark partner since 2008) and Terre Des Hommes Foundation, the three organizations worked together to meet urgent water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs of refugees.

Since August 2017, Bangladesh has seen an unprecedented influx of refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Among the nearly one million refugees have settled in overcrowded camps and settlements, 55% are children under the age of 18 and 52% of adults are women. With funding, water supply repairs and hygiene education, urgent short-term and long-term water and sanitation improvements were provided to more than 20,000 people with improved water and hygiene access. Overall, volunteers conducted 363 educational sessions on hygiene practices to 2,178 participants and 344 sessions on water safety to 2,066. Xylem believes the vastness of the Rohingya refugee crisis, currently the largest refugee camp in the world, warranted this initiative to preserve health, promote dignity and save lives.

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica

With a collaboration between Xylem Watermark, Costa Rica Makes Me Happy (CRMMH) and Planet Water, the organizations worked together to build a home and install a water systems in November 2019.

As plastics and waste management lead to polluted waterways and overflowing landfills in the region, CRMMH is on a mission to provide education about recycling and reuse. CRMMH also builds sustainable houses, called Green Homes, in impoverished communities by creating Ecoblocks (recycled material collected by volunteers during monthly beach cleanups). By utilizing a patented process, non-recyclable plastics of all kinds are repurposed into cement sand and used to create industry-standard concrete building blocks.

During the week-long project, the team installed the Planet Water AquaHome filtration solution with Xylem’s Flojet electric pumps. The system then yield up to 120 liters of clean drinking water per hour. Xylem has utilized the technology in other parts of the world including India and Cambodia.

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Xylem Watermark 2025 Sustainability Goals


Goal Progress
Deploy humanitarian aid to 200 areas affected by water-related natural disasters. Provided humanitarian aid to 11 affected areas.
Provide 15 million people with water education to improve quality of life and raise awareness. Educated 320,000 people about WASH and the Value of Water.
Provide access to clean water and sanitation solutions for at least 20 million people living at the base of the global economic pyramid. Provided water and sanitation solutions to 640,000 people.

Employee Engagement

Goal Progress
Give 1% Xylem employees’ time and 1% company profits to water-related causes and education

Employees volunteered over 70,000 hours in 2019 to water and non-water related causes.

Over 500 employees volunteered 1% of their time or more in 2019 (20+ hours) and 58% of employees participated in volunteer activities in 2019 (9,200 total).

Stakeholder Engagement

Goal Progress
Engage 100,000 stakeholders in volunteer events

3,500 stakeholders participated in 57 events in 2019.


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