Usable Field Information that Minimizes the Consequence of Failure

Usable Field Information that Minimizes the Consequence of Failure

Water Main Valve Condition Assessment

Valve condition assessment services involve inspecting, operating, and assessing the mechanical condition and operational reliability of water main valves. These inspection programs can also encompass other vital water distribution system assets including hydrants, meters, pipelines, and access points. Wachs Water Services provides a comprehensive condition assessment report detailing the operability of the asset including residual life, rehabilitation or repair.

  • Valve Location – GPS coordinates, depth, address and system ties
  • Valve Type & Position – Information on the size, type, current position and number of turns
  • Date of exercising – When was the valve last exercised?
  • Maintenance Required – Does the valve need rehabilitation or replacement?

Valve Rehabilitation and Repair

Valve rehabilitation and repair services are typically performed without shutting down the pipeline which eliminates the costs associated with dewatering and service disruptions. Our technicians service water main valves of any size or type, and are trained to spot problems long before they endanger the reliability and safety of the water distribution system.

Water Main Valve Shutdown

  • Planned Shutdowns

commonly involve a utility’s capital improvements program. Working with the utility engineering department, Wachs Water Services technicians carefully plan, prepare, and execute each shutdown to achieve maximum work efficiency and minimum disruption.

  • Emergency Shutdowns

These most often involve pipeline and valve failures. Wachs Water Services develops emergency plans and specialized training specifically designed to respond to many kinds of emergency scenarios.Wachs Water Services immediately mobilizes crews to respond to the emergency, deploys assets and personnel in cooperation with utility field crews, and effectively executes the shutdown of the affected pipeline to minimize flooding damage and restore service as quickly as possible.

Valve Locating

In the event of a water main break, knowing the exact location of system valves saves operators time and lowers the overall consequence of failure. In a typical valve system sweep, field technicians accurately locate valve positions using handheld GPS units, record information about valve location, characteristics, and current operational position and status in a GIS database/CMMS work order system. Detailed client reports are delivered in ESRI-compliant databases, or formats compatible with any other GIS or CMMS software platform.