Diversity & Inclusion at Xylem


Diversity in all its forms allows us to compete more effectively around the world and drive exceptional customer satisfaction, innovation and company performance. We are committed to reflecting the diversity of the communities where we live and work, and the customers we serve.  We work to harness our expertise and cutting-edge technologies to help water operators and communities around the world address the growing water challenges they face.  And, we know the best way for us to achieve our aim and serve our stakeholders is to develop a world-class culture that taps into the power of diversity and inclusion.  

With operations in more than 150 countries, we believe in the power of an environment where everyone feels involved, respected, valued and connected…an environment where everyone is free to bring their authentic selves and ideas.  Every day Xylem employees are advancing diversity and inclusion in exciting and impactful ways.

Xylem’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council was formed in 2018 to raise awareness and promote the benefits of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), support implementation of D&I practices, establish D&I metrics and monitor progress and engage with senior leadership on progress.  With the support of executive sponsors, this global ten member council meets monthly to collaborate, plan and action advancing diversity & inclusion at Xylem.

Xylem’s employee networks provide supportive communities where employees exchange ideas, gain valuable skills and a network of resources.  These internal, self-governed groups connect employees, enhance professional development, enrich company culture and support business strategies, in the areas of recruitment, retention, community involvement and customer relationships.  During 2018, Xylem Women’s Network and Emerging Leader Network networks grew by double digits – forming local chapters for employees to engage and connecting globally to share and collaborate via our internal social platform.  Xylem Veterans Network launched as our newest network, connecting 100 employee veterans and family members associated with the military around the world.  We will launch Xylem LGBT+ and Allies Network in 2019 and continue to encourage the organic formation of other affinity groups as we work to cultivate an inclusive culture.

We view diversity as key to leadership development.  When selecting participants for internal development programs, we ensure that groups are balanced across a number of factors including gender, ethnicity, tenure, function, geography and more.  We have also built concepts such as inclusion and leveraging differences into our training programs for top leaders.

It is our policy to ensure equal employment, advancement opportunity, incentives and discipline without distinction or discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, race, gender identity, age, religious or political beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, protected veteran status or other protected classifications. In addition, as a U.S. Government contractor, Xylem is committed to taking affirmative action to hire and advance minorities, women, qualified individuals with disabilities and covered veterans.

Externally, Xylem joined 120+ Business Roundtable CEOs to share stories and successful business practices in a D&I workplace report.  Xylem also joined the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Global Business Coalition, a consortium of major global businesses committed to upholding workplace protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees – along with the rest of their workforce – everywhere that they do business.  Looking ahead, Xylem will continue to seek opportunities to express support for advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Xylem is committed to building a culture that values and promotes inclusion and diversity. We know that the cross-exchange of ideas that comes from diverse backgrounds fuels innovation and excellence – and will play a critical role in driving progress in our industry and helping our company advance our mission and purpose: to solve water.


A Commitment Across the Globe


  • Our vision: Create an organization of diversity and inclusion in which all employees feel involved, respected, valued, connected and are free to bring their authentic selves and ideas
  • Xylem is a company that honors and respects diversity and inclusion.
  • With operations in more than 150 countries, we believe in the power of an environment where everyone is involved, feels connected and is free to bring their authentic selves and ideas.
  • For Xylem, diversity is more than just a policy or a set of practices. It is a fundamental part of our culture. And it’s a key to our long-term growth.
  • We know that when you bring together people from different backgrounds, with different talents and experiences… you create the exceptional
  • We can also see the power of diversity and inclusion in how we’ve built this company… the way Xylem has brought together different businesses and experts from across the water sector and beyond… how this has made us stronger and more innovative.
  • And diversity and inclusion will play an even more critical role in our future…
  • Because the cross-exchange of ideas that comes from diversity is a catalyst for innovation... It’s rocket fuel.
  • And our company is going to harness that power to advance our mission.

Our work – to solve the world’s water and smart infrastructure needs – has never been more important or more urgent…

We have the opportunity of a lifetime across our company and our communities to advance diversity for a more vibrant exchange of ideas that fuel innovation.

A Perspective from Renee Peet

Peet Renee Resize.jpg

In October 2018, the Xylem Women’s Network hosted an event at the Sensus Reach Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Renee Peet, Vice President, Marketing Operations, Technology and Communications, spoke to attendees with the goal of celebrating women leading the way in utilities.

Here is an excerpt from her speech:

“For Xylem, inclusion and diversity are more than just a policy or a set of practices. They are fundamental to our culture. We believe that building an inclusive team and environment where diversity is embraced and leveraged is a catalyst for growth and innovation. 

“We also know that when you bring together people from different backgrounds, with different talents and experiences, you create exceptional results.

“The Xylem Women’s Network is an employee resource group that we’ve formed to connect women and men from around our company and create a dialogue about promoting diversity and inclusion across Xylem. We hope that the network will help advance women both within our organization, and also advance women’s rights and causes beyond our company.”



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