Goulds Water Technology rainwater for today’s high water demand households

Prescott Pump Service, Inc.

Prescott, Arizona USA


Prescott Pump Service uses Goulds Water Technology variable speed controllers to maximize water usage needed for today’s lifestyles, while also using Goulds Water Technology products to install rainwater retrieval systems where low yield water wells cannot completely support sophisticated irrigation systems in remote locations.

In the remote dry Southwest, where water scarcity and escalating demand are daily issues faced by homeowners, third generation Goulds Water Technology professional Kevin Cunningham is finding new uses for Goulds Water Technology variable speed and constant pressure systems.

“The area of our business that is changing the most isn’t necessarily well construction,” said Kevin, of Prescott Pump Service, Inc. “It’s water usage, whereby 99% of our installations include constant pressure systems.”

Kevin said deep water wells support the needs of most homeowners, and the constant pressure systems, offer homeowners the benefits of low initial cost, water on demand, high efficiency, extended pump durability, and lower electric usage.

Oftentimes, however, a deep well in arid environments cannot provide all the water needed by today’s consumers.

Kevin said, “If we’re not able to have a well that produces enough water, rain catchment is a viable substitute. We’ll take the run off, pipe it into a storage tank. By installing a Balanced Flow system we can provide homeowners with alternative water for lawn and turf irrigation” Other uses for captured rain water are:

  • Gardens and greenhouses
  • Drip systems for fruit and ornamental trees
  • Car washing and pressure cleaning
  • Toilets (requires special piping)
  • Decorative fountains
  • Reflecting ponds and waterfalls

Kevin said that first you must layout the system. Where are you capturing the water, where are you storing it and how will it be used.

A roof is the preferred primary collection surface. It delivers less debris than gulches, driveways or parking lots. However a filtration system to remove debris such as leaves and roofing material is needed.

Then you must decide on a holding vessel small or large storage tanks with an overflow; and a delivery system that includes pumps, piping, valves and pressure controllers.

Depending on the application, some need to be buried while an above ground tank providing a gravity feed option is preferred on others.

Prescott Pump Service installed a unique water supply system on a high-end ranch located in northern Arizona that includes three wells configured with submersible and booster pumps, rain catchment systems, storage tanks and constant pressure systems to deliver water where it’s needed.

The drinkers – several horses and a few head of cattle – are fed by a 5 HP submersible pump, that also supplies a “drip” system that irrigates nearly a quarter mile’s worth of ornamental trees lining the driveway.

The principal living residence and a guesthouse are both supplied by an Aquavar Variable Speed controller, Model SSV centrifugal pump and high- pressure tank. Each system also includes a smaller jet pump connected to a generator in case of power failure.

“By meeting the demands of today’s consumer, now and in the future, it’s good for the homeowner, good for me, and good for Goulds Water Technology,” Kevin said.