Public Administration of Andalucía (Spain) selects the ozonation and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate Trihalomethanes (THM’s) and pesticides from drinking water sources and comply to EU drinking water regulations

Andalucia, Spain


Challenge: The public administration in Andalucia (Spain) is required to comply to standards for the removal of THMs and pesticides in their drinking water source and decide to invest in most efficient and effective technologies for it.

Solution: To supply the ozone gas to the pre-ozonation step and the intermediate ozonation step, and fully equipped and automated ozone generation station has been designed. The system consists of 2 units with a maximum capacity of 9300 g/h ozone at a concentration of 10wt%, from LOX and a cooling water temperature of 20º C. The whole ozone plant has been designed and completely installed by Xylem.

Benefit: The water is free from pesticides and holds great quality.

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