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Flygt pumps conquer constant inflow of ground water

The construction of a Hydroelectric Power Plant on the shores of the Ohio River required a pumping solution to keep work areas from flooding. More than 100...

Flygt pumps reduce energy cost by 31 percent thanks to N-Technology

ChallengeIn the spring of 2012, a sewage lift station in the City of Bathurst was requiring monthly servicing to pull the pumps and remove thick fibrous clogs....

Flygt Pumps Handle Too Much of a Good Thing

ChallengeIn 2008 the WRA retained consulting engineer HDR to provide planning, permitting, design, construction, and start-up services for a high-rate CSO...

Flygt submersible mixers in Reno, NV: Flygt mixers prevent buildup and reduce wetwell cleaning charges

The city of Reno, Nevada has long battled the buildup of fats, oils, and grease in the wetwells of wastewater lift stations in the valleys with this high...

Flygt submersible mixers in San Antonio, TX: Flygt mixers clear sediment and save man-hours for San Antonio utility

The San Antonio River can experience high water events that leave a thick buildup of mud on the floors of the intake structure of the CPS Energy of San Antonio...

Flygt SmartRun keeps control of the costs

Built in 2006, the Sigtuna pump station has two Flygt N 3153 HT pumps, originally started via soft starters. In 2011, Xylem installed Flygt SmartRun pump...

Flygt Submersible Pumps in Heat Exchange Facility in Lincoln, NE

ChallengeA unique system known as the Centralized Renewable Energy System (CRES) was designed by Olsson Associates to provide significant amounts of energy to...

Flygt Submersible Pumps in Sims Bayou

ChallengeThe City of Houston required a new wastewater lift station in Sims Bayou as the existing station had exceeded its useful life. Due to large variations...

Large Utility Turns to Artificial Intelligence at Major Pump Station

Genesee County Drain Commissioner, Division of Water & Waste Services
Genesee County (MI)
ChallengePump Station #8 contained two horizontal dry pit and two submersible pumps installed in 1988. The GCDC-WWS Operations and Maintenance Department has...

Godwin NC150 Dri-Prime pump for WWTP Digester Cleanout

The City of Riverside’s Regional Water Quality Control Plant needed to clean out digesters to get them ready for de-servicing. They hadn’t been cleaned out...

Godwin NC150 with Flygt N-technology for sewer pipe cleanout

Brenford Environmental needed to clean more than two miles of 54" (1.4 m) sewer pipe, which had been in place for more than 15 years. The difficult solids in...

Godwin NC350 Pump Provides Non-Clog Sewer Bypass Solution

Godwin’s Dri-Prime 16 in pump ran a sewer bypass system continuously for a month without issues while the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, replaced a major...

Horse Racetrack bets on Flygt for pump station design

ChallengeIn the mid-1990s the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA), which previously owned and operated the racetrack, constructed facilities to...

Hurricane Sandy Emergency Floodwater Drainage

The devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York City and the Northeast U.S. surprised some, but the people at Xylem were not among them. Xylem’s...

Implementation of Solids Retention Time (SRT) Control in Wastewater Treatment

Solids Retention Time (SRT) is a critical activated sludge design and operating parameter. The selection of an SRT has many consequences related to process...

Improving aerobic sludge digestion efficiency: Flygt jet aerators boost profitability

The aerobic sludge digester cells at the Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant required major overhaul. This was due to limited capacity, sludge overspray from...

Increasing Denitrification in Sequencing Batch Reactors with Continuous Influent Feed

In this study, the denitrification capacity of a continuous influent feed sequencing batch reactor (SBR) was measured and evaluated trough tests at a pilot...

Integrated intelligence – A breakthrough in wastewater pumping

Today’s customers can have higher pump system reliability, more and smarter functions, lower operating costs and data connectivity when pumping wastewater...

Large capacity circular wet well

ChallengeVery deep, large capacity and limited footprint: these are common demands by customers for their pump stations designs. Recently, two such pump...

Leopold Clari-DAF Dissolved Air Flotation in Boulder, CO: Leopold Clari-DAF pretreatment system reduces the chemical consumption and doubles treatment capacity at Boulder Water Treatment Facility

The Boulder Reservoir Water Treatment Plant was looking for a treatment process that could be retrofitted into the existing clarification basins and handle the...

Leopold Clari-DAF Dissolved Air Flotation System in the city of Cambridge, MA: Leopold Clari-DAF system provides effective TOC removal for Cambridge WTP

To ensure treated water complied with the most stringent drinking water standards, Cambridge Water Treatment Plant decided to implement a robust muti-barrier...

Leopold Clari-DAF in Johnstown, CO: Dissolved air flotation system reduces costs and improved process for Colorado WTP

Looking to increase capacity and reduce taste and odor issues resulting from algae blooms, the town of Johnstown, Colorado installed two Leopold Clari-DAF...

Leopold Clari-DAF in Waco, TX: Dissolved Air Flotation Pretreatment Washes Away Waco's Foul Taste and Odor Problem

The Clari-DAF system implemented works to remove the taste and odor issues that residents in the community previously voiced.

Leopold Clari-DAF system in Penticton, BC: Dissolved air flotation technology nearly doubles treatment capacity for city of Penticton

Looking to increase capacity while facing a tight capital budget, Penticton, British Columbia chose Xylem's Clari-DAF dissolved air flotation system for it's...