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Sanitaire Gold Series Diffusers in Calco Toffo, Italy

Utilizing Sanitaire Gold Series membrane diffusers allowed Calco Toffo wastewater treatment plant to cut its power consumption by 50%.

Efficiency Gained Through Automated Aeration Control with a Pulse

Water Pollution Control Facility
Muncie, Indiana, USA
Automated DO control and a specifically sequenced aeration pulse operation mode brings process, operational and cost benefits to Indiana facility.

UV disinfection in Manukau Harbor

New Zealand
The Mangere wastewater treatment plant in Auckland, New Zealand, trialed Wedeco Ecoray UV lamps in ther TAK 55 UV disinfection systems. The result was...

Wet Well Wonder in a Deep Sewer Tunnel

The City of Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH
Challenge Among the most interesting components of the OARS project is a 215-foot deep, 60-mgd capacity pumping system and a 185-foot deep screening system....

How to calculate Life Cycle Costs and payback times: An example

Pumping systems are used in a wide range of applications.Choice of materials and the amount of energy used by a system depend on pump and installation design,...

Do more with less: Integrating nutrient removal control improves treatment capacity and efficiency

Green Lake, Wisconsin
Challenge Chemical, biological treatment, or a combination of both, is the common method for removing phosphorus in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). When...

Optimizing Chemical Dosing Reduces Chemical Use while Meeting Effluent TP Limits

Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Challenge Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are facing many challenges. Permits on nitrogen and phosphorus in the effluent water are progressively becoming...

Telemetry Helps Simplify Management of National Parks

New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service
The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service manages over 600 parks and reserves. The service is responsible for developing and maintaining the...

Large Utility Turns to Artificial Intelligence at Major Pump Station

Genesee County Drain Commissioner, Division of Water & Waste Services
Genesee County (MI)
Challenge Pump Station #8 contained two horizontal dry pit and two submersible pumps installed in 1988. The GCDC-WWS Operations and Maintenance Department has...

Xylem future-proofs water supply with first ozone treatment plant in Vietnam

Saigon Water Corporation
As part of the Vietnam Development Goals set in 2010, the government aims to provide 90 percent of the urban population with access to safe drinking water and...

Building an Invisible and Soundless Power Plant in Italy

The Villoresi Channel
Milan, Italy
Challenge The Villoresi Channel, located north of Milan, was designed with the main purpose of agricultural irrigation while providing water to the city of...

Mixing It Up in Michigan

Ypsilanti, MI
Challenge The Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) was formed in 1974 when the Charter Township of Ypsilanti and the City of Ypsilanti combined their...

Significant upgrades enable City of Atherton to meet state’s DNR discharge requirements

Atherton Wastewater Treatment Plant / Little Blue Valley Sewer District
Challenge Built in the 1980s, Little Blue Valley Sewer District operates Atherton, which was designed to reduce the primary process chain to preliminary bar...

Xylem Wedeco TotalCare Program in American Canyon, California

American Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant
Challenge The American Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) began operations in October 2002 with then state-of-the-art secondary treatment that featured...

Leopold Filterworx® performance filter system in Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia
Challenge The North Columbus Resource Facility recently completed a $12-million replacement of its settled water filtration, removing the existing Wheeler...

Australia with the world’s first wastewater pumping system featuring integrated intelligence

Challenge: To deliver clog-free pumping at Jordyn Terrace wastewater pumping station in Wangaratta, Victoria. The station receives very challenging wastewater...

World Class Features in Winnipeg Treatment Plant

Winnipeg, CA
Challenge Concerns eventually arose about the potential presence of chlorineresistant pathogens–Crytosporidium and Giardia–and residual disinfection...

Wedeco Duron UV System Key to Future Expansions at Plainfield South WWTP

Challenge Like most expansions of existing facilities, the hydraulic profile is set and the new processes must fit within that profile. One critical decision...

Creek Culvert Bypass Helps New York State Avoid a Major Road Closure

Fulton County, NY
Mayfield Creek in Fulton County, New York, is an arterial body that flows out of Great Sacandaga Lake for approximately four miles through farmland and the...

Sticking with Innovation That Works

Challenge Mike Heppner, the Waterworks Department Head and Manager, oversees all aspects of water and wastewater for the city. Heppner states, “The first part...

Leopold® Technology Saves Salida, Colorado 50,000 GPD

Challenge The City of Salida sits right in the middle of the state of Colorado in the Upper Arkansas River Valley, beautifully settled in the "Heart of the...

City Validates Innovative Reuse Treatment Options Without RO

Challenge Hollywood, Florida's 55.5 MGD Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWWTP) treats wastewater from Hollywood and six neighboring...

Superstorm Sandy Spurs NJDOT to Construct Stormwater Pump Stations

Challenge Running along the Barnegat Peninsula in Ocean County — a thin sliver of land located between the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay — Route 35 is not...

Florida County Aims for Full Usage of Reclaimed Water

Challenge Hillsborough County has the largest retail reclaimed water program in the Nation, with more than 17,000 customers and agreements in place to serve...