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Creating a white-water ride

Challenge Creating an artificial white water channel for water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting by pumping 3 m3/s (48,000 US gpm) per pump at a...

Creek Culvert Bypass Helps New York State Avoid a Major Road Closure

Fulton County, NY
Mayfield Creek in Fulton County, New York, is an arterial body that flows out of Great Sacandaga Lake for approximately four miles through farmland and the...

Deadly Legionnaire’s disease outbreak stopped with the help of Xylem

When Legionnaire's disease broke out in Warsten, Germany, more than 150 people were infected and two people dies. Xylem was brought in to install a Wedeco...

Decoloration and Tensides Reduction with Ozone Oxidation

This case story presents the role played by ozone in achieving environmental friendly strategies for several types of industrial wastewaters that contain color...

Decolorization with Ozone: Wastewater treatment at Buttenpapierfabrik Gmund

Wastewater treatment at Buttenpapierfabrik Gmund uses a Wedeco ozone generator during its paper decolorization processes. The water is then reused for...

Don’t get hot and bothered get N-pumps

Frequent blockages and the challenges associated with high temperature geothermal environments put extreme demands on this pumping station. A lot of different...

Do more with less: OSCAR System with NURO controller improves treatment capacity at reduced cost

An advanced process control system was implemeneted in a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) pilot plant in Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Sweden. By controlling the...

Drinking water treatment with ozone & H2O2

In order to comply with the European Standards for THM’s and pesticides, one of the most important water suppliers in Andalucía, GIAHSA, decided to install...

Dri-Prime pumps and HDPE pipe for sewer bypass

The City of Raleigh, North Carolina found a leak in a 30" sewer line in a local creek under the I-440 Beltway. They called on Godwin, by Xylem for dewatering...

Dry dock drainage with Godwin hydraulic submersible pumps

Gulf Marine Fabricators started a pump-down operation. A Min-Dock structure--a miniature dry dock utilized to work on the underside of a ship--failed during...

Easy-to-raise submersible pumps reduce downtime

Cleaning out debris from long-shaft pumps in a sludge handling system at a paper mill in the USA was taking up to one week per pump. By replacing them with...

Efficiency Gained Through Automated Aeration Control with a Pulse

Water Pollution Control Facility
Muncie, Indiana, USA
Automated DO control and a specifically sequenced aeration pulse operation mode brings process, operational and cost benefits to Indiana facility.

Efficient handling of wastewater at a harbor

To prevent pollution by sewage from ships, governments are required to ensure the provision of adequate sewage reception facilities. One of the ports within...

Energy improved aeration at Sternö wastewater treatment plant

The objective of this study was to improve energy efficiency of a mid-size wastewater treatment plant by upgrading the aeration system and controls. One of two...

Environmental Agency Protects Ecosystem Using Real-Time Water Quality Data

Environmental Agency Protects Ecosystem Using Real-Time Water Quality Data

Expansion of a desalination plant

Challenge One of Australia’s largest cities was running short of fresh water and needed a major expansion of its desalination facility. One hurdle was to...

Florida County Aims for Full Usage of Reclaimed Water

Challenge Hillsborough County has the largest retail reclaimed water program in the Nation, with more than 17,000 customers and agreements in place to serve...

Flow reversals in a mixer powered high loss race track channel; a CFD study and its application to real pilot channel

Flow reversals, revealed as surface currents in the opposite direction of the intended flow, are sometimes observed in race tracks or other closed channel type...

Flygt Axial Flow Propeller Pumps Addresses Chronic Flooding in El Paso, TX

Challenge CEA Group determined that the flooding in El Paso was directly linked to high water levels in the Rio Grande River during heavy rains. Storm sewer...

Flygt compact mixers yields big savings for Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, MI

Challenge In 2012, the plant made a goal to reduce energy consumption.An evaluat ion of the mixing system was conducted in the biological selector basins. It...

Wet Well Wonder in a Deep Sewer Tunnel

The City of Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH
Challenge Among the most interesting components of the OARS project is a 215-foot deep, 60-mgd capacity pumping system and a 185-foot deep screening system....

Flygt Conquers LPSS in Steep and Rocky Terrain

The town of Leon, West Virginia, founded in 1872, has recently installed its first central collection and treatment system. Its 160 residential homes had...

Flygt Experior Pump System in Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish sewer rates are among the lowest in the country for a system of this size and economic importance to the region. Even routine storms can spawn...

Flygt Experior® generates 50% energy savings

Challenge During the spring, when the snow is melting, as well as with heavy rainfall, the inflow to the station increases dramatically. To prevent the station...