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Xylem masters the water cycle to make production more efficient and sustainable.

Water is crucial to pulp and paper manufacturing. And regardless of your mill’s water footprint, our industrial experts will help you optimize each aspect of the water cycle. We can integrate your operations from influent to process water to reuse – and everything in between – to reduce costs, better protect the environment and turn water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.

Industrial water and fluid are critical to your operation. But now more than ever, they come with challenges.

During normal times, we understand the pulp & paper industry is under a lot of pressure to make production more efficient and sustainable. But now, with the soaring demand for pulp products, you need maximum uptime and responsive partners you can trust.

We are committed to doing all we can to help keep your operations running smoothly. Whether you require fast-track temporary or emergency support, or reliable long-term solutions, we can design, build, and manage systems that provide greater efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

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Xylem is the world leader in ozone technology for pulp bleaching

Xylem has been collaborating with pulp and paper manufacturers for over two decades, to incorporate the most advanced, energy efficient and easy to operate ozone systems into their processes. Xylem’s offers specific systems to address the needs of the pulp and paper industry, combining reliability and energy efficiency with a compact configuration and plug and play systems for quick installation and start up.

For wastewater treatment, Xylem also provides ozone dissolution equipment for suspended biological treatment systems. Leopold’s biofiltration process, combining ozone, breaks down and treats even the most difficult COD.

Xylem’s pulp and paper process engineers have the knowledge and experience to assist mill engineers in developing the right system for their processes.

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Reliable and environmentally-friendly water and wastewater treatment technologies.

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