Solutions for water transfers and distribution

To efficiently distribute clean water, water utilities need full control of their water flow and pressure.

Xylem leads the way in pumping solutions for water transfers that reduce energy use, minimize water losses, and save water resources. Learn how we can help you. Clean water can safely be distributed after effective disinfection and micropollutant, taste and odor removal.

Xylem solutions to solve your water distribution challenges

Xylem’s high-efficiency pumps for water transfers can help you with everything from water fountain management to drinking water drainage, storage and distribution. Let us help you find the right pump and water distribution strategy for your needs. For optimizing even further your water transfers and distribution, learn about Xylem solutions for volumetric metering and control.

Optimize energy use and costs in water transfer

To lower your operating costs for water transfers, you need to be able to reduce energy use and plan preventive maintenance. Xylem solves this with water pumps with the highest motor and hydraulic efficiencies, and intelligent control units that automatically adapt performance to demand. Get flow and level measurement data exactly when you need it.

Easily upgrade water transfer pumps

Aging infrastructure creates a number of challenges for water utilities, but we have solutions that can help. When your old equipment fails, Xylem can help you mitigate the damage with our self-priming pumps for drainage. At the same time, we can offer a replacement system with water pumps that are designed for simple integration, easy commissioning and maintenance.

Better control of your pressure booster

Reducing water losses in your distribution network starts with the proper control of your pressure booster. We can help you set the right controls and soft starts for your water transfer pump, so that you can prevent over-pressurizing your pipes while delivering water on time to your customers.

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Most water and wastewater companies need to find ways to reduce operating costs and liability. But dedicating the resources to identify cost-cutting opportunities and risk reduction measures can present a challenge. Getting expert assistance in...
Want to do away with the hassle of dealing with alarm management but be fully informed and ready to act when a problem occurs? Whether you require basic alarm handling of a single pump station or advanced alarm management for an entire site,...
With resources tight and cost-cutting measures in place across the board, companies are looking for smart ways to prevent expensive repairs and emergency call-outs. By controlling maintenance costs, you can ensure maximum equipment uptime.
To meet demand and stay profitable, you've got to manage your water and wastewater assets cost effectively. The age of your equipment can affect plant efficiency, reliability and productivity. By refurbishing your assets, you ensure maximal uptime...
Losing productivity at your water or wastewater treatment facility is unthinkable. That’s why it is important to be able to act quickly when service is required and provide prompt resolution. Fast access to engineering expertise, spare equipment and...
To meet growing demand and maintain profitability, it is important to manage your water and wastewater assets cost effectively. The age and condition of your equipment has a major impact on plant efficiency, reliability, and productivity. TotalCare...
All equipment requires maintenance or repair at some point. Whether dealing with an unexpected breakdown or replacing wear parts at a scheduled maintenance interval, Xylem can provide all levels of repair for Xylem equipment – from minor repair to...
Installation and commissioning of water and wastewater facilities and the systems that control them require engineering expertise and specialist advice. This can be overwhelming when both the resources and capabilities to conduct these services are...
When you work with Xylem you have easy access to specialists with the expertise required to design and specify your engineering project. By outsourcing the management responsibilities of your project, large or small, you reduce overhead costs as...
When Xylem equipment is put to skillful and safe use, you gain a higher return on investment. You bought Xylem equipment for its durability, reliability and efficiency. So make sure you get the most out of it by ensuring that your equipment...
Buying auxiliary equipment for short-term projects can strain your budget by tying up critical capital. When you add the associated costs for maintenance, parts and service, storage and administration to your capital expenditure, you may find your...
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