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Xylem helps Panama Canal prepare its new locks for opening

When the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) needed help transferring water from a nearby lake to test the new locks for the Panama Canal Expansion project, they called on Xylem. This was a large water transfer project with a very tight deadline. To meet the time challenge, we chartered five Boeing 747's cargo planes to transport the rental pumps and equipment from the USA to Panama.

Our all-star team of field technician's installed pumps and 2.5 miles of HDPE pipe to move 1.7 billion gallons of water into the new set of locks for testing. Xylem provided a turnkey solution, including rental equipment, application engineering, installation services, and a remote monitoring system to the project.

We have the world's largest inventory of rental pumps and related equipment, and the ability to mobilize our vast resources quickly. In combination with the presence and engagement of our Xylem Panama local team, we were able to rapidly deliver the quality services demanded for the execution of the Expansion Program project. We can do the same for you.

Xylem is the leading choice for pumps and dewatering equipment to own or rent because we have:

  • A full line of submersible pumps ranging from compact, portable units for small drainage jobs to larger dewatering pumps for emergency response situations.
  • Fully automatic diesel, electric or natural gas-powered, solids-handling dry-priming pumps for high-volume and high-discharge heads.
  • A full range of hydraulic submersible pumps for general duty in dewatering, bypass, drainage and sludge applications.
  • An exhaustive range of pumps and accessories for rent, with over 20,000 portable pumps and related equipment located around the globe.

With Xylem, you get global experience at a local level. Backed by 150 sales offices around the world, our local teams are ready to respond at a moment's notice to help you solve your biggest dewatering challenges.

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A broad line of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in dewatering applications.


A premium range of products and solutions for moving and treating water and wastewater.

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Goulds Water Technology

Centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives, and accessories


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