Built Godwin tough. You have our factory-certified word on it.

Everyday, 24 hours a day, Xylem is on call to meet the world’s most critical dewatering needs.

Whether it’s a planned shut-down or urgent water emergency, every Godwin pump in our fleet has to be “Ready to Rent”—which means ready to own, and ready to deliver. Around the clock. In the worst weather and the most extreme conditions.


Our comprehensive 50-point Factory Certification includes:

Pump inspection and service

  • Volute, valves and gaskets
  • Impeller clearance and condition
  • Front and rear wear plates
  • Venturi cleaned and inspected
  • Compressor, belts, oil and air lines

Engine inspection and service

  • Engine fluids, belts and gauges
  • Hoses, fuel filter, air cleaner and couplings
  • Electrical wiring, battery load and cables
  • Lubricants and bearing grease

Trailer inspection and service

  • Fuel tank
  • Mounting bolts
  • Axle bearings, wheels and tires
  • Hitch assembly, safety chains, jack stands
  • Lights

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