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Product Features
  • Conserve media while removing backwash water efficiently
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Reduce costly, significant media loss from occurring
  • Enable sustained concurrent air/water filter backwash
  • Reduce backwash water consumption

Durable and easy-to-install backwash water troughs with or without media retention baffles

Xylem's Leopold fiberglass backwash water troughs are used in water and wastewater filters to provide uniform removal of wash water during backwashing. A wide selection of carrying capacities will meet any design requirement.

Molded of densely laminated fiberglass-reinforced plastic, Xylem's troughs are durable, corrosion resistant, reinforced for strength and stiffness, and maintenance free. They are easy and economical to install, with no costly forming work, and all mounting brackets, hardware, and stabilizers are stainless steel.

The optional stainless steel Trough-Guard media retention baffles reduce media loss during a sustained air/water backwash over the wash-water trough weir edge.



General Information
Backwash water troughs
Types of backwash suitable
Compatible with all backwash sequences including water only and air/water
Particular backwash application
Sustained air/water backwash
Type of troughs for installation
Fiberglass, concrete and steel
Type of installation
New or existing troughs
Media compatibility
Anthracite, sand, granular activated carbon
Reduce media loss during backwash with insufficient freeboard
Installed on both sides of backwash troughs
System Components
Backwash water troughs
System components material
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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