Duron UV Wastewater Treatment

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Product Features
  • Suitable for the disinfection of wastewater (primary, secondary or tertiary), water reuse, aquaculture and stormwater overflows
  • Modular system for customized design serving flow rates from 500 m³/h (3 MGD) up to several thousand m³/h (>100 MGD)
  • Validated performance by state-of-the-art bioassay in compliance with USEPA’s UVDGM (2006), IUVA Protocol (2011) and NWRI Guidelines (2003/2012)  including Title 22 acceptance
  • High efficiency Ecoray UV lamp and ballast technology
  • OptiDose Control - Xylem's Wedeco true intensity based control philosophy using an ÖNORM-certified UV intensity sensor 
  • EcoTouch or PLC controlled - operator-friendly UV system control with SCADA communication
  • Chemical-free, automatic, mechanical wiping system
  • Integrated, automatic module lifting

Highly-efficient, custom designs to meet your conditions

Xylem's Wedeco Duron is a 45-degree, vertically-inclined, open-channel UV system possessing an integrated, compact, automatic-lifting device and featuring energy-efficient, high-power Ecoray lamps. The Duron system is designed for new plant installations or retrofits into existing chlorine contact channels and provides ideal disinfection for mid-size to large wastewater treatment plants. 

The enhanced Ecoray 600 W lamps, together with the new lamp orientation, reduce the required lamp count by more than 50% versus conventional low-pressure, amalgam UV lamps. The reduced lamp count is balanced with the 4.6 feet (1.4 meter) lamp length that is easy for operators to handle. Additionally, reduced channel depth requirements lower the building costs, while a small footprint is maintained thanks to the compact inclined design. 

Variable bank sizes and outstanding flexibility in bank quantities make the Duron UV system the best choice to fit your requirements. Upgrade options allow you to design a system that you can easily adapt to acommodate either higher flow rates or new regulations in the future by adding additional UV banks. Xylem can help you custom design your system for the exact number of lamps you need in the layout that works best for your plant. 

The Duron UV system not only results in lower capital costs, but lower energy consumption as well. OptiDose, the sensor-based, real-time dose control, monitors operating conditions including flow, UV transmittance (UVT), and UV intensity. Then, with proven control logic, OptiDose adjusts the energy consumption to the minimum needed to meet dosing requirements so that the right dose is delivered using the minimum amount of energy. 

The Duron's Ecoray lamp and ballast technology gives higher relative UVC output than conventional low-pressure, amalgam UV lamps when operated in dimmed mode. Energy is saved by automatically dimming the lamps to match the dosage needed. The Ecoray 600 W lamp also has higher energy efficiency than more powerful lamps, further reducing energy costs.

Optimized hydraulics ensure superior dosage distribution for more effective disinfection with reduced energy consumption. This has been proven by extensive 3rd party validation tests. Xylem's Wedeco Duron UV system has been validated with multiple challenge organisms, at varying flows and a wide range of UVT. The Duron UV system’s validation envelope is one of the largest in the industry, ensuring the performance needed to meet plant conditions and treatment objectives, and delivering the highest water quality. With the Duron's validated dose design, the design can be fine-tuned to match water quality, operating conditions and discharge requirements. This design approach ensures that the system design is neither oversized nor under sized. Optimizing for specific site requirements gives the smallest possible UV system without compromising performance, ultimately saving upfront capital costs and operational costs for the life of the system.

Superior ease of use

Central to the design is how easily and efficiently the Duron UV system is maintained and serviced. Easy lamp replacement can be conducted while the modules remain in the channel. Dry-top UV lamp access and the compact, integrated, lifting mechanism allow unsurpassed safety and ergonomic maintenance. Each module can be lifted individually for any necessary maintenance at a comfortable service height. The lifting system is also designed at a 45 degree angle, maintaining its small footprint. 

Cleaning is simple and safe thanks to the Duron's automatic, chemical-free wiper system. Wipers consist of a unique ring and brush design, proven effective even in waters with high fouling potential. 

Although some maintenance, such as wiper ring or sensor replacement, requires lifting the module, the unique automatic mechanism will lift an individual module, while other banks of modules remain in service. Operator access is quick and easy, requiring no crane or additional floor space. The result is continuous treatment even during maintenance. 

For seasonal operations, modules can be lifted out of the channel and left in the raised position, saving storage space.

The Duron's electrical components are located out of the water and are easily accessible. Ballast cards are separated from UV lamp modules for easy maintenance and operational stability. Cabinets are rated for both indoor and outdoor service, providing added flexibility in constructing or retrofitting the plant.



General Information
UV transmittance range in % (1cm)
Maximum flow rate (m³/h / MGD)
Validation type
Duron UV disinfection system
<20 - >75
several 1000 m³/h>100 mgd
UV Lamps and Monitoring System
Lamp technology
Power per lamp
Number of lamps per bank
Lamp life (hours)
Lamp certification
UV intensity monitoring
Control philosophy
Individual lamp monitoring
Duron UV disinfection system
Ecoray Low-pressure, high-output amalgam
One (1) sensor per bank
OptiDose (true sensor based variable lamp output)
UV Reactor
UV reactor protection class
Cleaning system
Module lifting device
Channel width (mm / ft) approx.
Channel length (mm / ft) approx.
Lamp configuration
UV reactor installation location
Level control device
Duron UV disinfection system
IP 67
Automatic, mechanical
750 mm - 3000 mm 2.5 - 9.5 ft
Design specific min. 6000 mm min. 20 ft
Staggered, inclined
Fixed weir/motorized weir plate
UV System Control Cabinet
Ballast type
UV system control cabinet material
UV electrical standards
Common outputs
UV system control cabinet scada communication
UV electrical requirements
Ambient air temperature (C/F)
Protection class
UV system control cabinet installation location
Duron UV disinfection system
Electronic, high-efficiency, variable output (50 to 100% power)
Painted sheet steel
System Status, Lamp Status, Alarm Messages, Process Values
CE: 400/230 +/- 10%, 50 Hz (TN-S Net)cUL: 480/277 +/- 10%, 60 Hz (5 Wire WYE; L1, L2, L3, N, GND
5-50°C / 41-122°F
IP54/cUL Type 12 (4X optional)
Indoors/Outdoors (optional)
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Duron UV Disinfection System